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Asylum-Seeking Central American Discovered to Be MS-13 Gang Member

July 11, 2018

Bob Price


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A migrant from Central America made a “credible fear” claim for asylum after being caught illegally crossing the border from Mexico by Border Patrol agents. During processing, the agents discovered the Honduran national is actually a member of MS-13.

Agents assigned to the Weslaco Station came across an illegal immigrant who crossed the Rio Grande River near Hidalgo, Texas, on July 5. The agents arrested the man who then made a “claim of fear of being deported back to his native country,” Rio Grande Sector Border Patrol officials said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.

The agents transported the man to the Weslaco Station for processing. All illegal immigrants are put through a biometric background check to look for criminal history, gang membership, and previous deportations by immigration officers.

In this case, the agents learned the illegal immigrant from Honduras is actually a member of the violent transnational criminal gang known as MS-13.

While not referencing this case in particular, Border Patrol officials told Breitbart Texas that any immigrant who makes a credible fear claim has to be processed by an asylum officer with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services. The person making the claim is generally turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers for detention while the asylum claim is evaluated.

These claims do not exempt the migrant from prosecution for illegal entry, an official stated.

Officials said the MS-13 gang member arrested on July 5 had no history of prior deportation or crimes in the U.S. The background check only revealed the man’s membership with MS-13.


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