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VA’s “Free Stuff” Giveaway is Not for Veterans

July 10, 2018

Robert L. Rosebrock


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Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans:

The Los Angeles VA continues with its version of socialistic “free stuff” giveaway—to wealthy non-Veteran entities—as tomorrow they will host a meeting in downtown LA to discuss leasing mega-million-dollar VA property to a principal developer for 75 years—free of charge.

This land was deeded exclusively to Disabled Veterans in 1888 for a National Home but the VA is giving it away for 75 years – rent free – at the expense of disabled, homeless and hungry Veterans.

The City of Los Angeles already has 12 acres of Veterans land “rent free” for a public dog park, recreation park and parking lot …. Everything is free to the public!

A wealthy and powerful homeowner group in neighboring Brentwood—Veterans Park Conservancy—had a 30-year “rent free” agreement on 16 acres to build a public park.

That real estate deal was adjudicated in Federal Court to be “unauthorized by law and therefore void.”

But that didn’t stop the elitist cabal from illegally building a public amphitheater on the illegal parcel until the Federal Court forced them to stop and also forced them to demolish the self-serving public structure.

Nor did it stop the most criminal and corrupt VA in the nation to reimburse this group $393,000 for the money they spent building an illegal structure on an illegal real estate parcel.

The Brentwood Village Chamber of Commerce has “partnered” with the Los Angeles VA to operate a large public, commercial parking lot on VA property “rent free.” It is open 24-7 with no fees charged to the operator nor to the public and no supervision or security – just “free, free, free.”

And of course, the VA was already ripped off more than $13 million in parking fees – some from this same parking lot – as disgraced VA bureaucrat Ralph Tillman took more than a quarter-million-dollars in bribes to look the other way while so-called businessman Richard Scott fleeced millions from the VA.  Both Tillman and Scott have pleaded guilty and will be sentenced to Federal Prison in August.

You’d think the VA would learn but when it’s run by criminals, you can expect more criminal activity.

And so it is tomorrow, as the VA wheels and deals to give away multiple acres of Veterans land to a non-Veteran entity for 75 years “rent free.”

Consider 12 years ago, then real estate developer Donald Trump bid $110,000,000 for two acres on Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City just a few miles from the Los Angeles VA.

Mr. Trump was outbid by $200,000 and lost.

Consider also that the Los Angeles VA property is situated in an even more exclusive location as it is bordered on Wilshire Boulevard and the Interstate 405 Freeway, two of the most heavily traveled roadways in the nation and surrounded by some of the most expensive property in the USA.

Can’t wait until President Trump learns about the VA—under his Administration—giving away land worth hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars-per-acre “rent free” for 75 years, particularly since he was outbid on his $110,000,000 offer for two acres more than a decade ago.

Shamefully, the robber barons have taken over the Los Angeles VA and they are aided and abetted by some of the most corrupt and criminal people in the USA – Los Angeles VA bureauc-rats.

Meanwhile, war-injured and impoverished U.S. Military Veterans remain homeless and hungry in some of the most inhumane conditions imaginable—at Skid Row and back-alley squalor.

Make no mistake, everyone who engages and participates in this biggest land-fraud scandal in American history has blood on their hands – the blood of our war-injured U.S. Military Veterans.

Memo to the FBI:  Prosecute VA Criminals!

“Save Our Veterans Land” and “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.”

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


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