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Rod Rosenstein the Face of the Swamp

June 14, 2018

Charles Hurt


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However bad you thought it was, it really is so much worse.

However rotten and ungovernable you thought the federal swamp was, it really is so much worse.

Indeed, it will take a hundred Donald Trumps to carve out all the cancer riddling this federal government.

Behold, Rod Rosenstein, the very face of the swamp Leviathan.

Geeky and bespectacled, he is the cancer that even America’s Founders could not imagine when they crafted a set of checks and balances designed to temper even the most monstrous of human nature.

Mr. Rosenstein, one of the most powerful men in the Department of Justice, threatened to investigate members of Congress and their staff if Congress continued to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to oversee the increasingly rogue federal department.

Move over J. Edgar Hoover. Rod Rosenstein has officially taken your place as the most power-drunk, nefarious, crooked blight on justice to ever preside in the Department of “justice.”

The popularity of Congress may be in the toilet, but self-dealing rogue prosecutors with unlimited power to punish political opponents and put people in jail are so far down the toilet they are fertilizing daisies in Denmark.

In a statement to Fox News, a DOJ official denied that Mr. Rosenstein threatened Congress in a bizarre statement — that confirmed Mr. Rosenstein did precisely that.

“The Deputy Attorney General was making the point — after being threatened with contempt — that as an American citizen charged with the offense of contempt of Congress, he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false,” the official said.

After admitting Mr. Rosenstein threatened Congress for overseeing his department, the DOJ official went on to reiterate that the threat remains.

“That is why he put them on notice to retain relevant emails and text messages and he hopes they did so,” the official’s statement said.
Are you freaking kidding me?

Who does this lunatic think he is? What kind of country does he think he lives in? Who does this a-hole think is paying his salary?

Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder was an ideological crusader and political thug, hell-bent on maximizing the power of the president for whom he worked. Mr. Holder was never elected anything, but he was working for a guy who did get elected. Twice.

Mr. Rosenstein is a thousand times worse and so much more dangerous. He never got elected to anything — and he is blatantly giving the middle finger to anyone elected by the people to oversee him and his increasingly lawless department.

Mr. Rosenstein believes he is — literally — above the law. He is answerable to no one. Legal accountability is beneath him. The public be damned.

Do not think for one second that this is your typical partisan hackery that goes on all the time inside the Beltway.

This is Republicans elected to Congress who are justifiably outraged over the conduct of a Republican official in a powerful post inside a Republican president’s Department of Justice.

This is not partisan politics. This is a full-blown Constitutional crisis.

Moreover, Republicans in Congress are 100 percent in the right here and Rod Rosenstein is 100 percent in the wrong.

Mr. Rosenstein should be impeached. Then he should be forced to go back and take law school all over again.

Scratch that. Rod Rosenstein should actually be banned from ever setting foot on any law school campus for the rest of his life, for fear he might further contaminate the legal system.

Instead, Mr. Rosenstein should be forced to sit on the steps of the Supreme Court with a great big chalkboard and write out — in flawless cursive writing — the entire U.S. Constitution 100 times.

One final note: This lawless legal cheat got his law degree from Harvard University — just like President Obama. Harvard should be stripped of its accreditation for issuing sham law degrees — until it can be fully investigated by Trump University.


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