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“Racism” accusation blown out of the water in glorious fashion

June 1, 2018

Tom Woods


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Sometimes the world runs just the way it should.

The classic example: Woody Allen in Annie Hall is standing in line, listening to an academic blockhead drone on about the work of Marshall McLuhan. Then, out of nowhere, McLuhan himself appears and berates the guy: “You know nothing of my work…. How you got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing.”

Unfortunately, that never happens in real life.

But it happened this week.

USA Today ran a photo of young female survivors of the Santa Fe school praying before a basketball game.

At one end of the line a black girl, Nicole Janice, was not holding anyone’s hand.

Someone Tweeted: “But why is Nobody holding the black girls hand….”

That Tweet got 100,000 likes.

Because, of course, we all know the universal explanation for why, openly and in public, white girls wouldn’t hold a black girl’s hand: because our society openly approves of racism, and this behavior is just natural to white people.

Except it ain’t so.

The girl’s mother took to Twitter to say:

“The ‘black girl’ is my daughter. It’s people like you that keep the race crap stirred up. You just look for ways to make things about race. These girls are her friends. You have no idea what you are talking about so you just need to shut up.”

People on Twitter then accused the woman of lying and not being Nicole’s mother. So she produced photographs, as well as a video of Nicole saying yes, this is indeed my mother!

In that video, Nicole said: “Please stop calling my friends racist.” She told the media: “It’s very disappointing that people are going to take a race issue out of a picture with nine grieving girls in it. I grieve in my own different way. I don’t like to be touched. When we had that moment of silence, I didn’t want to grab anyone’s hands because I didn’t want to break down before we sang [the national anthem].”

In other words, she told the perpetually aggrieved:


And decent people everywhere cheered.

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