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Harpies on FOX Business Attack Truth-Teller David Stockman

April 27, 2018

Tom Woods


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The video is painful to watch.

David Stockman was director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan. He’s a brilliant guy all around, and his book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America is a masterpiece.

On FOX Business the other day Stockman was asked if Nancy Pelosi was right to call the tax cuts “crumbs.”

Stockman thought that whole line of questioning was rather beside the point, and proceeded to give the big picture of what’s going on in the economy — the fundamentals of which go well beyond TV-talking-head arguments about “Democrats” and “Republicans.”

Tax cuts or no tax cuts, said Stockman, the regime as a whole has saddled us with systemic problems that will be challenging if not impossible to solve.

He ultimately explains that the deficit is hitting $1.2 trillion at the very time that the Fed will be shrinking its balance sheet at an annualized rate of $600 billion. That means $1.8 trillion in homeless government debt hitting the market. Without spending cuts, how does this not end badly?

As he’s trying to make this point, he gets interrupted by a panelist who wants to make the earth-shattering point that Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with working-class America and doesn’t realize that a $2000 tax cut means a lot to them. She goes on and on about this, with the typical histrionic indignation.

It’s like a parody of cable news commentary it’s so stupid.

She then says we shouldn’t be making excuses for Nancy Pelosi.

“I’m not making excuses for Nancy Pelosi,” says a bewildered Stockman.

“Kind of you were,” says the insane woman.

With the 60-IQ crowd now satisfied, the camera turns back to Stockman.

Stockman notes that running a world empire can be kind of expensive — something a “fiscal conservative” probably ought to care about. It’s just as well if we have to cut it, since everything the empire touches in the Middle East turns into the very Islamic radicalism it’s supposed to be protecting us from.

This was too much for the panel, whose views are exquisitely predictable, straight out of the bipartisan foreign-policy playbook of the New York Times and the Weekly Standard.

“We were with you when you talked about spending, David, but now you’re attacking the military!” Translation: there’s a 3×5 card of allowable opinion we respectables stick to, and you’re not on it!

I’m not “attacking the military,” replied Stockman. But the military isn’t being done any favors by its so-called friends, which are deploying it in all kinds of boondoggles.

He then said, quite correctly, that the U.S. has no business in Syria, and that who at this point believes a word the U.S. regime says, anyway?

“So you’re saying Assad is a good guy?”

I kid you not. That’s the intellectual level of pop conservatism right now. “You’re saying Assad is a good guy.”

The rest isn’t much better: David has specifics and arguments, and they have talking points and platitudes. Why, there are bad guys in the world!

We claim to be skeptical of government, but this branch of government is exempt!

These people put the con in fiscal conservatism.

David will be returning to the Tom Woods Show late next week, I’m happy to report.

And I’ll actually let him speak.


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