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Dallas Shooting: How about as much concern for these wounded cops as the Starbucks loiterers got?

April 26, 2018

Dan Calabrese


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Last week two guys got handcuffed and removed from a Starbucks in Philadelphia because they didn’t want to order anything before occupying a table to wait for their friend.

The Internet exploded in outrage.

Last night in Dallas, two police officers were critically wounded in a shooting at a Home Depot. I have yet to witness the collective outrage of the nation, but these two officers deserve that much and more. Here’s the latest from Dallas:

A source close to the investigation told CBS 11 reporter JD Miles that the male police officer was shot in the back of the head. The female officer was shot in the face, according to the source.

Both officers were gravely injured and one was resuscitated. They were taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

“We can confirm that two Dallas PD officers have been shot and critically wounded,” DPD reported on Twitter. “We will provide updates as we get them. Please pray for our officers and their families.”

Officials could not confirm the civilian’s condition.

Police described the suspect as a Hispanic male.

It happened in the 11600 block of Forest Central Drive near the Hamilton Park neighborhood.

Police with guns drawn were seen at the back of the Home Depot as employees appeared to be rushing out of the back of the store and away from the area.

Update: Dallas police officer dies after Home Depot shooting, mayor says

A Dallas police officer died Wednesday, a day after he was shot responding to an incident at a Home Depot, the city’s mayor said.

Officer Rogelio Santander died at a hospital around 8 a.m., Mayor Mike Rawlings announced at a city council meeting. Santander had worked for the city’s northeast division for three years, police said.—More..

We don’t know the names, ranks, ages or personal circumstances of the wounded officers. If the Dallas PD chooses to release that information we will pass it along.

I’ll be candid with you, though: I’m pissed off.

Police officers are in danger every day simply as they do their jobs. These two officers only had to be in that Home Depot because an awful human being was in there causing trouble, and they went in there to do their jobs, risking their own lives and hopefully not losing them.

Every time a police officer is shot by an evil person, the nation should erupt in outrage. It does not.

Yet when a police officer has to use his weapon to protect himself against a suspect who is fleeing and refusing to comply with police instructions designed to ensure he is not a threat, people go bananas and scream and “police brutality.”

People are so eager to portray police officers as racist brutes or jack-booted thugs, they leap to false conclusions about police actions and motives, while yawning and shrugging their shoulders when officers like these are wounded and in critical condition.

As far as I’m concerned, the worst person in this country is the slandering liar Colin Kaepernick, who is running around falsely accusing police officers of intentionally killing black people, while demonstrating complete ignorance about police protocol, police training or the responsibility of citizens dealing with the police to follow police instructions for the safety of everyone.News stories like this one should break the hearts of every American, but they do not because today it is so much in vogue to hate on the police.

Pray for these officers and their families, and stand up for the truth about America’s law enforcement officers.


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