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David Hogg Meets His Match… A 16-Year-Old Pro-Gun Teenage Girl

April 16, 2018


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David Hogg acts as if he is the voice of his entire generation… but is it true?

The student-turned-activist has become famous for his spiteful rants against NRA members and law-abiding Americans, even going so far as to declare that gun owners are “pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children.”

At the same time, he has lectured adults — you know, the people who actually vote and pay taxes — for not knowing how to “use a f***ing democracy,” and implied that teenagers were going to change gun laws.

Hogg, no doubt, sees himself as the leader of that movement, but there’s a problem: He’s not the only young person who knows how to use social media, and not everyone agrees with his shrill anti-gun message.

Meet Elizabeth Najjar. Like David Hogg, she’s a high school student who is passionate and fired up about the gun control debate… but she’s taking a different approach.

Earlier this month, the young American released a video on Facebook with some of her views on guns, and it has so far been seen by nearly 75,000 people.

“It’s so easy for a high school student to just go along with the liberal agenda. It is hard to be a student, who supports gun rights and a conservative student,” she explained.

Najjar, who according to BizPac Review is 16 and lives in Virginia, rejected the narrative pushed by Hogg, and reminded viewers that it was the government which sadly failed in the Florida shooting.

“This is a society problem, this is a people problem,” she said. “People weren’t doing their jobs. I mean, the FBI was alerted about Cruz so many times, and nothing happened.”

The young conservative student pointed out that voices like Hogg and fellow anti-gun advocate Emma Gonzalez seem to lack an understanding about firearms or even current laws that already exist in America.

“As we’ve seen in the past month, since the Parkland shooting, you know, students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have stepped up, and they’re claiming that they’re experts on the subject of guns and gun control, which we all know they’re not experts,” Najjar continued.

“We’re so lucky that we have those freedoms, and now people want to take them away?”

The young lady brought up a point that liberals frequently ignore: Self-defense is part of women’s rights.

“So how am I supposed to defend myself?” she asked. “How are other young women supposed to defend themselves? How are men supposed to protect their families?”

That’s a particularly important question in the face of legislation that makes it illegal for law-abiding adults to purchase firearms if they happen to be 20-years-old instead of 21.

The left apparently believes that a 20-year-old woman is old enough to vote, pay taxes, and serve in the military, but not be sufficiently armed to fend off a rapist or a gang.

Elizabeth Najjar will probably not be changing liberal minds any time soon, but her video is a refreshing reminder that not all young people are marching lock-step with Hogg on this issue.

There is a silent majority of law-abiding American citizens who believe in gun ownership and self-defense… and one at a time, they’re realizing that they cannot stay silent forever.

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