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A New Low From the Deep State

April 11, 2018

Dave Merrick


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As of last night, April 9, 2018, satellite thermography had mysteriously recorded tiny patches of ground at Monticello and Mount Vernon, Virginia as well as in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and points scattered throughout the East – Northeast, at temperatures nearing 600°F. The nearly forty red spots in an otherwise black infrared photo were identified as the gravesites of the signers of our United States Constitution. The heat generated, local authorities said, was attributed to the spinning bodies of the interred.

Granted, a silly opening for an article concerning one of the most singularly shameful and stunningly horrific points to date in our national history: Yesterday, most obviously some time shortly after the dropdead deadline wherein Tucker Carlson could have appropriately given it the incredulous sarcasm and scathing criticism it deserved, the FBI raided our president’s attorney’s office and his Park Avenue hotel room. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ANY JUDGE IN THIS LAND WOULD HAVE PERMITTED SUCH AN ATROCITY.

In the same style that federal agents might have busted up a still in the 1930s hills of Kentucky, the Monday raid on attorney Michael D. Cohen’s business and residence by Obama’s shadow government seized documents they claim were relevant to Mr. Cohen’s business with our President Donald J Trump, which I always thought was part of an untouchable attorney-client privilege. Nevertheless, as we learned during the Obama regime, if you cross the Forces of Darkness, don’t be surprised if even the IRS winds up at your doorstep. And they criticize Vladimir Putin for his tyranny?

After a year of beating the invented and now completely dead horse of ‘Russian collusion’, this mob-like, “up against the wall!”, intrusion of Cohen’s business and New York City residence was nothing more than headline-grabbing drama and distraction added to the fire that has been built in the attempt to take down our president. The Trump-hating New York Times called the search an “aggressive move” on the part of the Justice Department. They went on to describe President Trump’s entirely justified outrage as his “lashing out” in “an extraordinarily angry response” to more of what President Trump rightly calls a “witch hunt”. I’m sure it was also intended to draw press away from the first flow of what little might be left of Hillary’s incriminating e-mails.

But what most morning-after commentary will miss – as conservative journalists attack and liberal writers praise – the arrogance of the strident and completely interest-conflicted prosecutor Mueller and his attack dogs, Rosenstein, Wray and others, is that if these sub-government thugs don’t bat an eye in strong-arming our President and his attorney like this in broad daylight, what will they do and what are they doing now to John Q Public who dares to criticize, question or oppose their terror?

Very few people are aware that the Department of Homeland Security is just now announcing “officially” putting together dossiers, collecting information, ‘data’, on all ‘journalists’, outspoken writers of all genres, including e-mail commentators to Facebook columnists. Even fewer now remember when the Clintons and liberal congressional and senatorial cohorts wanted to introduce legislation controlling who could ‘qualify’ as a public voice. The deep state is on the move. To them, President Donald J Trump is just a blip on the screen that they will soon remedy.

I am still stumbling around like I’m on drugs, every time I think about the fact that this nation’s worst eight year mistake, Barack Obama, casually stepped to the microphone and attributed Hillary’s defeat to “Russian interference”. Effectively what he said was, “If those anti-American Russians hadn’t shown everybody what careless and self-serving liars Clinton and her DNC really are, Hillary would’ve been a shoe-in!” After that, the move was on to vilify Julian Assange for lancing the pus from a festering infection that could have killed our nation forever.

And now there is Donald Trump, that bastard non-politico who has the audacity not to live in someone else’s back pocket. Of COURSE he is the most hated man on the planet. It’s because the liberal media/entertainment industry, which happens to also be the loudest established voice on earth – in conjunction with the professional politicians who dance like puppets for them and the power they provide – were moving in for the final kill just when the people finally managed to speak loud enough to get their man into the Oval Office. That wasn’t supposed to happen. And he and all of his supporters have been paying for that God-given miracle ever since.

We had another 8-year mistake/president who gave our nation’s schoolkids material for putting together a bottomless library of off-color jokes about cigars. That same man has been accused of more rape and murder than Jack the Ripper. That president and his loser first lady (who couldn’t even win a rigged election) have a trail of bodies behind them – from Little Rock to Washington DC – that could fill a city bus. After that man, we had another president who completely animated the racial hatred of a dozen Louis Farrakhans, and who spent more money on his own pomp and entertainment than Julius Caesar – and who is still wasting hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on a terrorist training camp/ ‘library’/shrine to himself that will rival the Acropolis. And yet Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray, Andrew Wiseman and all the powers of hell are going after Donald J Trump alleging an affair with a consenting adult woman. If Bill Clinton had dated her, it could very well have resulted in yet another ‘suicide’.

The local authorities last night went so far as to exhume the spinning body of Thomas Jefferson from his Monticello grave. Before they could put him back into the ground, they found this note tucked into his vest pocket …

“Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.”Thomas Jefferson


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