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Teen Gun Protest Funded, Promoted by Dozens of Left-Wingers, Including George Soros-Backed

March 18, 2018

Penny Starr


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It did not take long after a former student at a Florida high school with a history of mental health issues gunned down 17 people last month for the left in the United States to use the tragedy to advance its anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-gun agenda.

The same progressive organizations that launched the Women’s March to protest the election of President Donald Trump planned, promoted and scripted the National School Walkout on Wednesday where middle and high school students were asked to walk out of school for 17 minutes to “honor” the 17 victims.

In some places across the country, including Washington D.C., that walkout turned into marches and protests to demand “gun control” and to demonize support for the Second Amendment, including blaming the National Rifle Association for “gun violence” in schools.

On the Women’s March website the “partners” for the March are listed, including the two “premier” sponsors, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the National Resources Defense Council — two organizations that paradoxically kill unborn babies while protecting the planet.

Some of the other “partners” are Services Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders, ACLU, Occupy Wall Street, Pussy Hat Project, United We Dream, (funded by George Soros) Center for American Progress, CODEPINK, Communist Party USA, Emily’s List, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Abortion Federation.

You can read the entire list here.

The Women’s March website links to the Women’s March Youth Empower webpage and its “Enough” anti-gun protest, including a “toolkit” to teach children the left-wing talking points these groups endorse.

Here are a few examples from the toolkit section for the National School Walkout:

  • “It often helps to have parental support when it comes to student participation in the walkout. Your parents and guardians can put pressure on your school to support your action.”
  • “Walkout on March 14th at 10 a.m. across all time zones for 17 minutes to honor the 17 lives killed at Parkland, FL shooting on Valentine’s Day. Stop whatever you’re doing and simply walk out — into the hallway, out of your school building, whatever feels right to you.”
  • Suggested chants: “No More Silence, End Gun Violence,” “Guns in schools? We say NO, NRA has got to go,” “Enough is Enough.”

The toolkit also has a list of demands, including, “We demand that Congress enact an immediate resolution declaring gun violence a public health crisis and dedicating federal funding to research solutions and implement violence intervention programs. We demand Congress recognize all forms of gun violence, including violence committed by police.”


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