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Baltimore Sending Kids to Anti-Gun March on Taxpayer Dime

March 9, 2018

Jordan Candler


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As private citizens, Americans have the right to protest whatever and whomever they chose. But taxpayer-funded demonstrations? To protest constitutional rights? That’s crossing a line. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in Baltimore. There, leftist leaders are looting the city’s coffers so that thousands of students can do the mayor’s bidding by attending the anti-gun-themed March for Our Lives.

According to The Hill, “Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) said Tuesday that the city would organize 60 free buses to take students to the anti-gun violence march in Washington, D.C., later this month.” Moreover, “The city [will] provide lunches and T-shirts in addition to the transportation.” Pugh, who envisions some 3,000 students taking the bait, opined, “It is all about hearing the voices of young people.” No, it’s not. Her shenanigans are about taking advantage of our impressionable youth’s hormone-driven sensitivities, using them as pawns for gun control.

As previously noted, Democrats have lowered themselves to an extraordinary new low. Today’s Democrats have erased any form of civility not just by exploiting our young people but by strategically allowing children to do their bidding. Pugh’s actions are Democrats’ newly amended modus operandi.

There’s irony in Mayor Pugh’s decision too. According to USA Today, “Baltimore is the big city with the highest per capita murder rate in the nation, with nearly 56 murders per 100,000 people. At 343 murders in 2017, the city tallied the highest per capita rate in its history.”

Don’t expect taxpayer funding for a gathering of thousands of children to protest city hall’s indifference toward inner-city crime. The fault for that imbroglio lies squarely at the feet of Baltimore and its leftist leaders’ atrocious policies. Nevertheless, Baltimore school children are being misled and encouraged to fume at a wrongly designated scapegoat. And leftists show their true character by gleefully footing the bill with your money.


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