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Hispanic Gangs, Illegals And Law Enforcement

February 16, 2018


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As of 2014, there were about 33,000 street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs in the US, with 1.4 million members criminally active. Many gangs are sophisticated and well organized, and all use violence in pursuit of their illegal money-making activities. These criminal gangs commit about 48% of all violent crime in the US.

The most notorious, wealthiest, most violent, and probably largest of these gangs is the infamous MS-13 gang, also known as the Mara Salvatrucha gang. It is renowned for its murders, robbery, extortion, drug and human sex trafficking. It is especially renowned for its savagery and brutality, including hacking up its victims. The gang is also associated with the Mexican drug cartels.

MS-13 cells were first established in Latino communities across the US, but have spread across the continent and are making significant inroads into middle-class suburbia. Its members likely exceed 50,000.

Arrests seem to have little affect on the exploding growth of this gang. The gang is international in scope and will threaten a target’s family in its home country, where American authorities are powerless to intervene. Deportation is of limited effectiveness, because deportees are already networked into the criminal element that runs human smuggling routes.

Unbelievably, the gang’s biggest group of enablers are some of America’s police chiefs. Beginning in 1979 with LAPD Chief Daryl Gates signing “Special Order 40” — that forbade police officers from inquiring into the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens — police departments all over the country have followed the LAPD’s approach.

Politically astute police chiefs realized they could use illegal ordinances like S.O. 40 to re-define crime in such a manner as to make it appear that they are doing a better job of fighting crime than they actually were.

Some police departments actually abdicate “policing” over immigrant neighborhoods and abandon them to brutal gangs like MS-13, who victimize and terrorize its illegal inhabitants like “The Black Hand” did to Italian Immigrants in the film Godfather II.

These gangs warn illegals not to report crimes to the police or else face death for themselves and their families in reprisal. With the crime victims not reporting crime, the police chiefs issue fraudulent statistics reporting significant drops in crime, and look good to the politicians and public they deceive.

Thanks to these corrupt police chiefs and advocates for open borders and multi-culturalism, illegals are getting away with a variety of crimes such as: Felony re-entry after deportation; Illegal employment; Identity theft; Tax evasion; Earned Income Tax Credit fraud; And driving without a license or vehicle insurance.

There is also the falsehood used by defenders of illegal immigration that if police enforced the immigration laws, no illegals would come forward to report crime. Police chiefs also parrot this lie.

Hispanics, illegal or not, are often disinclined to report crimes, since the cultures from which they hail often view law enforcement as an enemy, due to its collusive relationships with criminals, the harsh treatments often meted out by police upon the general populations, and the bribes frequently needed to garner assistance from law enforcement.

The lack of comprehensive reportage of Hispanic crime often gives the impression that illegals are more law abiding than the typical American. This ludicrous concept is spread by the advocates of “Open Borders,” pandering politicians and the corrupt mainstream media by using the narrative that Hispanics have superior “family values” to those of American citizens.

The MS-13 gangsters are mainly from El Salvador with a sprinkling from the adjacent hellholes of Honduras and Guatemala. These 3 nations are the most crime-ridden in Central America. Invaders from these countries have no special skills to speak of, are basically uneducated, and can only displace more deserving Americans in low-end jobs, if they even bother to seek gainful employment.

They are almost uniformly violent to start with. That there may be some people from these countries that may be tolerable is irrelevant. El Salvador is presently the murder capital of the world. Those coming to America to “flee violence” are suspect. There has never been an adequate mechanism to vet people from primitive cultures. Violent criminals routinely claim to be “Political Refugees” fleeing violence, and are thus coached in their home countries on how to fool American officials.

Sadly, American officials staffing both private organizations and contractors and federal agencies are staffed with people who are frequently hostile to the well-being of America: They have no real interest in effectively vetting “refugees,” nor do they have they the mechanisms to do so if they were so inclined.


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