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Worst Senators And House Members In America

February 12, 2018


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Do you ever wonder why our borders remain open to illegal aliens, especially for the last 40 years?  Why haven’t our U.S. senators and House members stopped the enormous invasion of not only illegal aliens, but legal immigrants?

What possible sane reason can 535 members of our U.S. Congress give for adding 100 million immigrants to our country since 1965?  Why do they flood us with 1.7 million legal and illegal immigrants annually?

With our country fragmenting and fracturing into different factions, i.e., Moslem Brotherhood a terrorist group pushing for Sharia Law, La Raza (the race) a Mexican terrorist group, Black Lives Matter—black separatist group that hates whites—why are they adding another 100 million immigrants into this country by 2050—a scant 32 years from now?

Which side of the aisle created this nightmare descending on America?  Answer: the majority of your senators and House members.  Republicans and democrats alike cheat, lie and screw the American people at every juncture.

Otherwise, they would have passed bills to stop the 350,000 pregnant illegal alien mothers from birthing their children in our country to cost us trillions of dollars in welfare, schools, medical and food stamp—for the past 40 years!

If they showed any accountability, they would have sealed the borders to stop the $50 billion in drugs that cross annually to addict our citizens.  Note that 13 teens die from overdoses 24/7 because Congress won’t seal the Mexican border.

Who in their right mind would vote to pay for 700 bases in 80 countries around the world when we stand $20 trillion in national debt?  Why?

When Moslem terrorists blow us up on 9/11, stab us on the streets, try to blow up our airlines over Detroit, decapitate us at work like in Moore, Oklahoma, give us 23 to 27 honor killings annually in America from Moslem immigrants, run over us in cars, shoot us as we stand in line at Fort Hood, gun us down at Christmas parties, blow us up at the Boston Marathon, bow to Allah in our streets, support 35 documented Islamic terrorist training camps from New York to Michigan To Washington and California, turn Detroit, Michigan into a Moslem caliphate parallel society (all on welfare)—why in the name of God and country would they keep pumping them into our country?

After 17 years in Afghanistan and Iraq, and over $5 trillion in nation- building, with NOTHING to show for it—why don’t they stop funding those useless wars that kill our finest soldiers—all for nothing?  Why?  Why not build our infrastructure?  You got an answer for that?

Which senators and House members create the most media attention, but do nothing in favor for the American taxpayer and all of us U.S. citizens?

Let’s start off with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) at 82 years of age. He stood at the 1986 Amnesty promising us that he would guard our borders and never allow more illegal immigration. Instead, 40 years later in his forever Congressional career, he’s nearly dead, but he continues to cling to power. He’s done NOTHING to secure our borders, and in fact created DACA to screw us again. And his State of Arizona faced a “State of Emergency” from millions of illegals crossing over Arizona’s border for the past 40 years. I’ve traveled along the border to see millions of pounds of trash, drug routes and more as Border Patrol Officers Gunny McCann and John Slagle showed me drug routes and layup stations.

Yet, John McCain keeps the borders open 27/7, 365 days a year. Instead of a prisoner of war hero of the Vietnam War, he’s done nothing heroic for America or citizens in Arizona.

How about House member Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of California at 78 years of age and 38 years in Congress?  Forever a career, corrupt, criminal politician!  She INVITES illegal aliens into America and praises them for breaking our laws. She says they are the face of America to come.  She degrades any attempt to stop them, even when California’s schools face bankruptcy, criminal riots in classrooms, millions subsist on our food stamp money, jails full of illegals, shoplifting into the millions and crime in the cities with drug gangs and murders.  She voted against tax cuts and never stood at the State of the Union to applaud some of the greatest heroes of America.  When she speaks in the House, she makes no sense as if she is senile, which, at 78, she probably faces dementia to some degree. Not only that, she doesn’t possess any understanding as to what’s going on in America.  She’s a multi-millionaire who doesn’t possess a clue as to the crises in our schools, communities and cities as to immigrant crimes, linguistic chaos, Moslem chaos and all the crap that multiculturalism forces on us, but it never touches her.

What about Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)?  He stands against everything that benefits the American people and does nothing for the American people.  In fact, he’s the one who got driver’s licenses for Muhammed Atta and crew who drove the airplanes into Twin Towers.  Chucky Schumer does more harm to America than anyone understands. He’s a part of or leading the “good ole boy” network that got us into Iraq and keeps us in Afghanistan in the first place.  He created DACA because he did NOTHING in all his criminal career to stop illegal immigration. But it’s cost you and me trillions of dollars. Same with the wars! It’s all on Schumer.

How about House members Maxine Waters (D-CA), John Lewis (D-GA), Sheila Jackson (D-TX), Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and one of a kind, Hank Johnson (D-GA)?

Where do you begin with someone with a mind (or without a mind) like Maxine Waters?  She does NOTHING to help African-Americans for her entire 30 plus year career of doing zilch in the Black Caucus. When she speaks, she thinks we’re still in a war with Korea.  Hank Johnson cannot have passed a science or history test out of the 8th grade. He spoke in Congress on record with a statement that too many people lived on one side of an island, it might capsize the island. Look it up on YouTube.  I am willing to bet he could not pass a history, science or math examine in the 8th grade.

House member John Lewis runs on his Civil Rights platform, but he does nothing for African-Americans. Yes, he calls every white person a racist, and at the same time, does NOTHING to help Black Americans succeed with vocational tech schools, keeping them in schools, improving the projects in Chicago, or anything to improve their lot.  He gets paid $176,000.00 to do nothing for the past 40 years in Congress.

Unfortunately, you can take this short memo on useless and ineffective senators and House members and run it out to most of the 535 members of Congress. Why? Because they refuse to compromise and work for the American public. They bicker, make excuses and continue to drive our country into the toilet.  Why would they not plan and execute bills to keep the government running smoothly—long before the final day? It’s exasperating to see our government run itself over a cliff every time you read the newspapers.  These senators and House members work against the American people!

My two senators from Colorado, Corey Gardner and Michael Bennet remain as useless as teats on dead cow.  Jeff Flake of Arizona along with Hatch of Utah might as well be hanging hoola hoops on the Washington Monument for their worth and work in DC.  Diane Feinstein, at 84, (D-CA) lacks any comprehension of how fast California devolves into a third world country—with four million illegals, underground economy, anchor babies, schools collapsing, tent cities growing, poor suffering– as long as it doesn’t affect her.  If you look at the votes of your own two senators and house members, you understand why we’re in the fix we’re in today.

That’s why we need term limits of a total of 12 years! Kick them out after 12 years.  Americans deserve leaders who do their work for us, and not for the power elites, not for the illegal aliens and not for anchor babies, and not for the war machine, and not for the national debt, and not for the drug runners, e al.  They need to work for us and then, kick them out to give us fresh minds, fresh enthusiasm and fresh ideas to make our country work the way it’s supposed to work.


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