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Angel Family Member on Illegal Aliens: ‘They’re Breaking the Law and We’re Supposed to Feel Sorry for Them?’

February 7, 2018

Robert Kraychik


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“They’re breaking the law, and then we’re supposed to feel sorry them?” asked Mona Kilborn, an Angel family member whose 90-year-old mother was killed by a recklessly driving and previously deported illegal alien motorist in 2007.

Kilborn joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight for a Monday interview with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak. Her mother, Margaret Heintz, was killed on October 7, 2007. She was hit by an illegal alien driving with a fraudulent driver’s license, who also had a prior felony conviction for methamphetamine possession.

“I do feel sorry that they live in a country that doesn’t have as many opportunities [as America], so, go back and make your country great like our forefathers made this country great,” said Kilborn. “We need to enforce the laws we have. I’m not begging for extra laws. I’d like to see our laws enforced, and follow our Constitution, and put America first.”

America does not offer economic asylum, noted Kilborn: “Like one ICE agent told me, we do not have economic asylum. We cannot take in all the poor people of the world.”

Kilborn rejected left-wing and Democratic narratives framing illegal aliens as broadly virtuous persons.

“I’m sick of hearing, ‘They’re looking for a better life. They’re really great people. They didn’t do anything wrong,’” said Kilborn. “Some of the local law enforcement and mayors say, ‘They didn’t break any laws.’ Excuse me, they did break a law. They’re here illegally, and if they cross the border a second time, whether seen or unseen, it’s a felony.”

Kilborn rejected Capitol Hill contemplations of amnestying millions of aliens illegally in the homeland.

“[I am] Absolutely against it,” said Kilborn. “Back in 1986, Congress gave amnesty so supposedly 3 million, and they were told that would fix the problem, and no more issues,” said Kilborn:

When I talked to Senator Grassley when I was in Washington and testified in the House, he said, “It was a mistake to have voted for that,” and I thought, “Okay, it was a mistake then. It’s a mistake, now.” They’re all caving because they say, “Well, it’s for the children.” Well, there are a lot of children in the U.S. that need some help too, and there are many ways that we can help poor people around the world. We’re the most generous in the world. We take in around a million legal aliens every year. We are very generous. So no, I say they have to go back because how can they crowd in line [and displace lawful immigrants]?

Eligibility criteria for the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is unverifiable, noted Kilborn. Mansour previously described the unverifiability of DACA eligibility criteria as negligently relying on the “honor system.”

“Have you read the DACA application?” asked Kilborn:

I think it stinks. There’s no way to verify anything on this. They do not have to say who brought them to the U.S. We’re told they were poor little children and their parents brought them, which may or may not be true. But there’s nothing that can be verified. They don’t have to say who brought them. They can put a date that says they came, but there’s no way to verify that. There’s a whole list of questions about, “Were you ever engaged in terrorist activities?” or “Have you ever been charged with murder, or torture? Have you killed anyone?” Now, excuse me, do you think anyone is going to put “yes” on any of those answers?

“In fact, we know people lie on those questions,” said Pollak, pointing to the deportation of Rasmea Odeh, a “Palestinian” terrorist convicted of murder in Israel who lied about her criminal record when applying for a U.S. visa and again on her subsequent U.S. citizenship application.

Approximately 25 American citizens are killed daily by illegal aliens, said Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to Kilborn.

“Even I was surprised when I testified in Washington when Steve King said approximately 25 U.S. citizens are killed daily by illegal aliens — and again, some of those would be ‘Dreamers’ and many would not — even that surprised me.” said Kilborn. “I didn’t know that fact until I got there. I met some families from 9/11 who had lost family members in that tragedy, and they said they were steaming mad on our behalf because they said, ‘That number is sealed. It will never change. But your number is going up every single day.’”

Kilborn lamented what she described as popular apathy to the stories of Angel families: “I don’t know how to wake people up. Our police chief, I think he summed it up when he said, ‘Unless it happens to you, you just don’t get it.’ I think people are willing to turn a blind eye, I guess. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Pollak contemplated if Sunday’s killing of NFL athlete Edwin Jackson by a drunk driving illegal alien would raise awareness of the threat of illegal immigration.

“I’ve said to my husband many times, if it had been a prominent person, the mayor, a doctor, someone that was prominent in the community, I think it would have had more umph,” said Kilborn. “They’re all a life that’s lost, I hope that wakes more people up, that might be the only good part that comes out of that terrible tragedy.”

President Donald Trump should reject amnesty proposals, said Kilborn.

“Don’t bend to it,” said Kilborn. “You know who elected you. You ran on this issue. You met with Angel families. You were the only candidate that would meet with victims’ families throughout the campaign. What are you thinking backing down? Rules are rules. We are a nation of laws, a constitutional republic. Don’t back down to the Democrats. Tell them we will enforce our laws. You don’t need to negotiate everything.”

Angel families are broadly ignored across the news media landscape, said Mansour, adding Breitbart News’s commitment to offering a platform the those “most affected by the illegal immigrant crisis” in America.

“We always hear from the DACA recipients on this issue,” said Mansour:

But there is one group of people that is crucial to any discussion about amnesty, and it is the group of people who have been most affected by the illegal immigrant crisis in our country — the illegal immigrant problem — and that is the Angel families; our Angel Moms and Dads, our Angel Sons and Daughters. The people who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime, and these are people that are not given a platform in the major corporate establishment — certainly not given a platform on Jimmy Kimmel’s show — but they will always be given a platform here at and here on Breitbart News Tonight and all of our radio shows with SiriusXM.

Kilborn concurred with Mansour’s assessment of broad news media avoidance of Angel families’ stories. “You are correct, the victims don’t seem to make the media very much,” she said.

Kilborn’s mother, Margaret Heintz, was killed on October 7, 2007. She was hit by an illegal alien driving with a fraudulent driver’s license, who also had a prior felony conviction for methamphetamine possession.

Breitbart News Tonight airs Monday through Friday on SiriusXM’s Patriot channel 125 from 9:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Pacific).


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