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‘Fake News Meets OBAMAgate’: Comey Assistant Leaves FBI for CNN

February 6, 2018


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On Friday, a former FBI agent wrote an eye-catching opinion piece in the New York Times, claiming that he had retired from the Bureau because it had received unfair “political attacks” from Republicans in Congress.

Other than its entirely disingenuous premise (alleging Republicans are attacking the FBI as a whole, rather than investigating alleged misdeads under leaders James Comey and Andrew McCabe), the piece leaves out important information.

Nowhere in the opinion article does Campbell reveal the fact that he was James Comey’s special assistant. Campbell presents himself as someone who is unattached to the current political situation, leaving out the fact that he has a huge vested interest in defending Comey.

But it gets worse. Following the op-ed, John Cardillo, a host for The Rebel and former law enforcement officer, claimed that Campbell also left out the fact that he had already accepted an offer to become a CNN analyst.

It appears that Cardillo’s sources were correct. On Monday morning, CNN announced that Campbell had joined the network.

In joining CNN, Campbell has changed his social media information to remove his association with Comey. Prior to joining CNN, Campbell’s Twitter bio had revealed that he served as Comey’s special assistant.

Campbell’s misdirection appears to be borrowing from the tactics of his recent colleague, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. When attempting to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, McCabe swore to the authenticity of the Trump-Russia dossier. He reportedly never told the FISA court judge the fact that the dossier was concocted by political forces who were paid by Hillary Clinton. Similarly, Campbell, in representing himself as a neutral force, has omitted the fact that he served as James Comey’s right-hand man. (For more from the author of “‘Fake News Meets OBAMAgate’: Comey Assistant Leaves FBI for CNN” please click HERE)


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