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Students quizzed on ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’

January 30, 2018



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A public university in Maryland is requiring certain students to take a class in which they are taught the “Pyramid of White Supremacy.”

The bottom levels of the seven-tiered pyramid contain beliefs and attitudes that prop up white supremacism, while the top layers describe actions that are the inevitable result of the ideology. The pinnacle of the pyramid contains the most serious offense, “Genocide,” while the base of the pyramid is “Indifference.”

“In a pyramid, every brick depends on the ones below it for support,” a text box next to the pyramid reads. “If the bricks at the bottom are removed, the whole structure comes tumbling down.”

The pyramid is from “Diversity and the Self,” a required course in the Professional Teacher Education Program at Salisbury University.

“This class was extremely difficult to get through if you did not think like a liberal,” one student in the class told Campus Reform, which first reported the pyramid. “Instead of teaching diversity, this class taught us that being white was a bad thing. We were told that we were only privileged because we are white and basically we did not actually work for what we have.”

The student said the class had to memorize the pyramid’s layers and then take a group quiz.

The pyramid’s layers are captioned Indifference, Minimization, Veiled Racism, Discrimination, Calls for Violence, Violence and Genocide.

Examples of Indifference are “Remaining Apolitical,” “Not Challenging Racist Jokes” and “Avoiding Confrontation with Racist Family Members.”

The Minimization tier includes “Denial of White Privilege,” the belief in a “Post-Racial Society,” the phrase “We all belong to the human race” and “Colorblindness.”

Examples of Veiled Racism are “Racist Mascots,” “Claiming Reverse Racism,” “Cultural Appropriation” and “Euro-Centric Curriculum.”

Discrimination is evident in “Funding Schools Locally,” “Predatory Lending” and “Mass Incarceration.”

The Calls for Violence level lists “Confederate Flags,” “Swastikas” and “The N-Word.”

Violence is “Lynching,” “Hate Crimes” and “Unjust Police Shootings.”

Genocide is “Mass Murder.”

According to the syllabus, the class “reviews theories and aspects of cultural competence most relevant to teaching in diverse classrooms.”


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