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Release The Memo at the State of the Union address

January 26, 2018

Judi McLeod


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The undercover sabotage and FBI gamesmanship during 2016’s presidential campaign runs much deeper than the “Secret Society”  that threw in with the Clinton campaign to fund a discredited dirty dossier used to justify the FISA warrants allowing the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign—right from the White House.

Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, are the two top FBI officials “directly involved in Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, the Russian dossier, the phony collusion investigation, the “secret society,” and the “insurance policy.” (

Yet other than in stories of the recent “Secret Society” revelation,  Strzok mistress Page has absolutely no presence to speak of on the Internet.

Google it and see for yourself that Page has no Wikipedia entry and were it not for her association with Strzok, would likely have remained an online unknown.

How is this even possible for a “top FBI official” who was dragged out into the public forum for her participation in a “secret society” that came up with an “insurance policy” seeking to get rid of Donald Trump should he ever be elected?

Not only is Page well hidden behind an Internet wall, worse still, it has just come out that the agency for which she works has somehow managed to “disappear” five months’ worth of texts between she and her lover Peter Strzok.

How appropriate was it for two agents engaged in an extra marital affair to have helped pass on the Fusion GPS dirty dossier centred on the “golden shower” to the special counsel probing the Russian collusion scandal?

The four-page ‘classified’ document said to contain jaw-dropping details about how the FBI goes about its surveillance these days should be released—pronto.

These were not just big-talking bloggers who worked out an “insurance policy” against the president of the United States, but seasoned, highly-placed FBI agents.

What good is a document that unearths the truth—no matter how frightening—if the first rule of the memo is that you can’t talk about the memo?

The “secret memo” was written by staffers for Republican Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Out with it, Devin Nunes unless you were planning to have it first titillate the masses before having it mothballed.

“The four-page document is said to contain claims federal officials abused a US surveillance program to target and undermine the Trump campaign. Three people who viewed the document told Politico it raises questions about how the FBI handled a decision to surveil Trump adviser Carter Page, and whether the infamous “golden shower” Steele dossier played a role in the decision. (

Golden Shower author Christopher Steele is MIA, main players Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama suddenly gone Mum, yet the discredited dossier they circulated is still doing the rounds, and their FBI-mounted Big Nothing-burger called “The-Russians-stole-the-election” conspiracy incredibly still out there, too.

Chair of a group that is holding closed-door hearings on Russian interference in the 2016 elections, Nunes has already interviewed high level Trump staffers like Steve Bannon, and communications director Hope Hicks is due to be quizzed on Friday.

How about grilling Strzok and Page?

How about grilling Strzok and Page?

Meanwhile, while Robert Mueller pal Jim Comey is teaching a college course on Ethics and quoting himself on Twitter,  #releasethememo and #findthetexts are trending online.

If the memo is not released by January 30th, President Trump should take up Jack Posobiec’s suggestion in today’s Tweet:


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