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Illegal Alien Uber Driver Charged with Four Rapes in Sanctuary State of California

January 23, 2018

John Nolte


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Illegal alien Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez is suspected of sexually assaulting four women; the district attorney says there could be more.

Thirty-nine-year-old Alarcon-Nunez, an Uber driver living in the sanctuary state of California illegally (he is from Mexico), is alleged to have raped four college students between the ages of 19 and 22 while they were intoxicated. The total of ten criminal charges include forcible rape, first degree burglary (he is accused of robbing his victims), and rape of an intoxicated victim.

Alarcon-Nunez was already deported once, from New Mexico back in 2005.

The alleged crimes occurred between December 17, 2017, and January 14 of this year. The suspect, who also goes by the name Bruno Diaz, was arrested at his home in Santa Maria, California on January 17.

According to police, Alarcon-Nunez used his job as an Uber driver to specifically target parties where young, intoxicated women would solicit a ride from him. After the alleged rape, he would steal their money, laptops, jewelry, and phones.

Using a Venemo account and the name “Brush Bat,” he would still get paid for the rides while concealing his identity from his alleged victims.

Apparently Alarcon-Nunez was able to obtain work as an Uber driver due to a California drivers license legally issued to him in 2015.

California grants illegal aliens drivers licenses and, beginning on April 1, will register illegal aliens to vote.

Democrats, who have full control of every governmental institution in California, have been bitterly fighting against the Trump administration’s push to enforce federal immigration laws, even going so far as to threaten to prosecute anyone in California who aids federal authorities in enforcing the law. 


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