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A Shocking New Threat Emerges – What Women Need To Know

January 13, 2018

Mommy Underground


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The radical left’s war against traditional values has been raging for years.  The onslaught picked up momentum with the legalization of homosexual marriage, and has continued at a fever pitch ever since.

Conservatives have been mocked and scorned for fighting to stem the tide of the liberal agenda, as it takes our nation over a cliff of immorality from which it may be impossible to recover.

Now, Americans are forced to increasingly accept more and more radical ideology, from the normalization of transgenderism to sharing our most private facilities with those of the opposite sex.

And when we, as conservatives, protest at the loss of our rights in the name of “inclusion and tolerance” of alternative lifestyles, we are threatened, labeled as bigots, or worse.

Now, a shocking story demonstrates just how far the left will go, with the violation of our most private moments by a protected class of transgendered men – and what would have been incomprehensible years ago is now becoming commonplace.  LifeSite News reported:

A woman who had requested a female nurse to conduct her cervical exam (pap smear) was shocked when a male nurse appeared instead who claimed to be “transsexual.”

The woman, who has not been named, described the nurse as having an “obviously male appearance, close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, a large number of tattoos, and facial stubble.”

The patient told Sunday Times, “People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots, and this is kind of how I was made to feel about it.”

She decided not to go through with her exam, and later complained to the National Health Service.

The woman said it was “weird where somebody says to you, ‘my gender is not male’ and you think, ‘Well, what does that even mean?  You are clearly a man.’”

Not only are women and children faced with the danger of sharing a private facility with men who claim to be “women,” now our most intimate health care needs are being hijacked by the radical LGBT agenda.

Transgendered persons and their allies in our increasingly liberal society demand “equality” with every other American citizen.  But in recent years, the rights of these few have trampled the rights of the rest of us.

And apparently, to the left, the right of this transgendered man to pretend to be a woman trumps the right of this female patient to privacy and comfort in a most intimate moment.

Activist Mommy reported:

Not only does the acceptance of this sort of behavior encourage mental illness, it puts others, particularly women and children, in danger of becoming victims of sexual assault as men who pretend to be women are allowed access to the women’s restroom.

The rights of the individual are supposed to be protected and upheld, and it’s a violation of a woman’s right to privacy — among others — to be forced to be medically treated by someone who is biologically male but claims to be female.

Many women are rightfully uncomfortable with the idea of having their health care issues, particularly those that are unique to a woman, being handled by a man. Why does the transgender individual get more rights than the patient? Why are transgender individuals a protected class and placed above others? Isn’t this in and of itself inequality?

The patient in question resides in London, and contacted the National Health Service who oversees the medical practices of the physician’s office in question.  They released a statement, according to, saying:

We apologized to this patient for the recording error and because the staff member accepted they didn’t manage the situation appropriately; the patient needed to feel listened to. Trust policy is to consider seriously all requests for clinicians of a particular gender.

But apologies are not enough.  Because the left has so completely deteriorated the very idea of gender, how is anyone supposed to trust that their request for a health care worker of a particular gender is being respected?  If a man can say he is a woman, and make himself look like a woman, how are we even to know?

A New York case from 2000, Veleanu v. Beth Israel Medical Center, set forth a decision in regard to gender discrimination – one that can be applied to a woman’s desire to refuse treatment by a transgendered male.

Because such care implicates the patients’ privacy rights, personal dignity and self-respect, the Court believes that health care presents unique circumstances that may justify reasonable efforts to accommodate a patient’s expression of preference of doctor by gender, and that female patients may have a legitimate privacy interest in seeking to have female doctors perform their gynecological examinations. Indeed, other district courts have consistently recognized that privacy interests may justify adjustment of sex-based requirements for certain jobs.

This court precedent allowed for a woman to refuse treatment by a male physician in order to protect her rights to privacy during intimate examinations – no basis for sexual or gender discrimination was found.

However, with the left’s constant battle cry of “equality for all” and the creation of special rights for homosexuals and transgenders during the Obama years, even case law protecting the rest of us is not enough for the radical leftists to stop the outcry of discrimination.

What is left is the tragic deterioration of the values our nation was founded on, and an uphill battle for everyday women to have the right to privacy, comfort, and self-respect.


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