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Rep. Dave Brat: 2018 DACA Amnesty Fight ‘Will Determine the Nature of Our Country’ — ‘If We Fail on This, Just Picture Europe’

January 1, 2018

Robert Kraychik


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“If we fail on this, just picture Europe,” said Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) of what would happen if Congress failed to permanently repair America’s “broken immigration system” and just passed another amnesty instead.

Brat made his comments on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight in an interview with Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour.

America will resemble “France, Sweden, Germany, [or] the Netherlands” in the absence of enacting an immigration system “for the benefit of American citizens and U.S. workers,” said Brat.

Immigration is a top-priority issue, said Brat: “This is not like any other policy issue. This will determine the nature of our country over the next decades in how we settle this. Either we’re going to add to the anxiety and all this hate-filled back and forth, or we find an economic solution for this country moving forward.”

Brat discussed Congress’s considerations to codify the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy into federal law.

Congress must prioritize four repairs for the immigration system before contemplating any DACA-style amnesty negotiation, said Brat: 1. Ending chain migration and the visa lottery; 2. Mandating employer use of E-Verify; 3. Construction of a southern border wall; and 4. Interior enforcement of immigration law.

The four aforementioned “permanent fixes” must precede any DACA negotiation regarding amnesty for illegal immigrants, said Brat: “It shouldn’t be about trusting or hoping, the permanent part has to come first, you see in that place and then you negotiate later.”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) echoed Brat’s position in an interview with Breitbart News Tonight aired last week, calling for prioritization of border security and interior enforcement of immigration law over any consideration of amnesty for foreigners illegally residing in the homeland.

Promises for border security and interior enforcement of immigration law from politicians supporting broad amnesty for illegal immigrants are always broken, said Brat:

You need permanent fixes to the broken immigration system before any DACA negotiation takes place, because DACA is an automatic and permanent three million increase. So DACA’s 700,000 times three or four, and that gives you the three million, and that’s permanent, so you don’t trust anything. Our side always gets rolled, we get promises for internal enforcement. Obama was all in favor of that, right? He even added spending, more agents, more this, more that, and then he said, “Hey, agents that we just hired? Don’t follow the law of land.” He told them not to enforce the law.

Drawing on the expansion of previous amnesties, Mansour asked how politicians’ promised parameters of a new DACA-style bill could be trusted.

“There’s talk of putting an end to chain migration,” said Mansour. “But that seems to be a little bit like wishful thinking because couldn’t this be litigated in the courts? Even if you try to pass something, how effective is that going to be long-term? It seems as if with each one of these amnesties that are granted, they’re always litigated in the courts and there are always loopholes that people find, and it just ends up being endless. How much can we trust that there’s going to be something in some deal that they strike that [ends] chain migration? How is that going to be enforced?”

Brat said this is precisely why we need “the permanent fixes in policy” as a “starting point.” He explained:

We’re already hearing decay from the original permanent policy, even on [chain migration]. They’re starting to say, “Well, maybe just [chain migration] for these people, and maybe not just DACA, more than DACA.” So, you’re right. It’s just like [the amnesty granted under] Reagan. You really don’t trust. That’s why I emphasize the permanent fixes. You need permanent fixes to the immigration system that’s broken before any DACA negotiation takes places, because the DACA is an automatic three million permanent increase; so DACA’s 700,000 times three or four, and that gives you the three million, and that’s permanent. So you’re right, you don’t trust anything, right?

“Elites” and “the swamp in DC” support DACA-style amnesty legislation, said Brat, because they “want cheap labor.”

“I can’t think of anything worse for Republicans than to vote against that series of policies,” cautioned Brat, referring to the aforementioned “permanent fixes” he proposed toward immigration policy.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), said Brat, had promised not to connect January-scheduled budgetary debates votes to any DACA-style amnesty: “Our leadership promised that DACA would not be attached to any must-pass [continuing resolution], because that is a total a breakdown and usually ends up with chasing Democrat votes. If they keep their word on that, that’s a pretty good sign. They promised it would be a stand-alone bill on DACA, and that’s good news, and that would require a majority of Republican votes to pass.”

Republican focus on amnestying millions of illegal immigrants, said Mansour, is divorced from President Donald Trump’s popular mandate on issues relating to immigration.

“A DACA fix is nowhere near what the American people are most concerned about, nowhere near the top of the list,” said Mansour. “I don’t understand the urgency on this. It seems to me to be a Democrat issue of urgency since this is their next big pool of voters. I’m not sure why the GOP feels such urgency to deal with this.”

“Yeah, I don’t either,” said Brat. “That always amazes me. There’s nothing on DACA policy in the Republican platform. Paul Ryan, to his credit, promised that a DACA fix would not be attached to any must-pass legislation like a budget, [continuing resolution], omnibus, et cetera. It’s coming up January 20th. He said it would be stand alone.”

Noting that President Trump won in 2016 on “a very hard-line immigration platform” that was “wildly successful,” Mansour said that grassroots conservatives found this push for DACA amnesty, instead of the popular Trump immigration agenda, concerning.

“It’s a little bit strange to us that the first bit of immigration legislation that the Republican Party has taken up on Capitol Hill is a DACA fix instead of the RAISE Act that the Trump administration got behind or the wall,” said Mansour. “Why does it have to be DACA? It seems a little bit odd that that’s what we’re going to be taking up on immigration first.”

“Right,” replied Brat. “Well, we do have some bipartisan stuff coming up that’ll be interesting to see how the president puts all of this together. We’ve got infrastructure coming up. The Democrats will likely want to do that.”


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  1. MICHAEL J BRUNING permalink
    January 1, 2018 12:06 pm

    Unfortunately, with most, if not all of our elected and appointed public employee’s (meaning those who milk the tax payers for money and benefits) – their seems to be, or appears to be a consensus as to how to appease the guy with the cash and still satisfy the patriotic heartstrings of a horde of invaders and their local advocates – when it comes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. In this article, the highlighted strategy woven into solutions re DACA are really no different than the old age practice used by most experienced magicians. Slight of hand – and in this case, forked tongue deception – is quite effective with a voting block that really hasn’t appreciated the adverse affects of illegal immigration, or its side affects, nor do they have any real appreciation for their right and privilege to mingle with We the People. In this example, both representatives Dave Brat and Steve King – in interviews with Breitbart News, echo the same mantra that we hear coming out of the White House….and yes, it sounds more than reasonable. In fact, it sounds like an attempt to honestly negotiate and thus compromise on a DACA Amnesty. But wait!! Where in the Constitution does it say that opposing parties have to negotiate over an issue that clearly is in violation of the current and historical laws of the nation? Put another way – we hear an argument designed to get the opposition to help make another law they will reluctantly compromise on, but get exactly what they want and that is – the explicit admission of DACA Illegal aliens and, subsequently – their illegal alien parents who are still here – via a new “doorway” carved out of numerous existing laws that were once held up as sacrosanct, necessary and required for the survival of our nation. And, with a little forked tongue technology and slight of hand – the nation can move forward and on to another successful adventure – even if confined to a noticeable limp and the use of a walker. To answer the question for the President and Representatives Brat and King….DACA was, is and remains unconstitutional and it is NOT the business of the Congress, or the Executive Branch to be fishing in the Swamp seeking to hook that fish called compromise, or appeasement. The Constitution is clear. The Bill of Rights are clear. The Rule of Law is clear. The DACA and DAPA Illegal’s in the USA are here illegally and they have NOT been prosecuted under our laws for the criminal activity they created for themselves and for the Citizens of America. They have NO constitutional rights, other than to be prosecuted fairly and sent on their way. We owe them nothing. Let me say that again. WE OWE THEM NOTHING!! Their only contribution to this nation is to further disrupt the nation by creating division within society and the justice system via the use of anti-American advocates both in and outside of the USA. And now – and perhaps for a very long time, this unfettered invasion of Strangers to our shores – must not only be stopped….IT MUST END. There is nothing wrong with negotiating to reach a compromise to right a wrong, or clarify a detail that impedes justice, but, when the goal is to set up a system of rewards that puts in motion a runaway train that is already heading for a sharp curve on a 20 percent downhill grade – then what is the good of such an action? To be sure – DACA and yes, DAPA (it will rise again) – are two legs of the 3 legged immigration stool. Anchor baby and Dual citizenship combine to make the first and DACA and DAPA are the 2nd and 3rd. Once – and if a DACA Amnesty is passed – the ink won’t even be dry on the Bill before the streets and the halls of Congress are once again flooded with (former) illegal aliens protesting and screaming for amnesty for the very illegal aliens who dragged them across our borders. And then, the DACA and Amnesty nightmare’s begin under a old/new slogan called DAPA and the American Citizens, who have already endured and borne the burden laid upon them by RINO’s and Demon-Rats, will be called upon, once again, to participate in yet another Carnival sideshow to negotiate, compromise and appease our elected and appointed public employee’s who are in search of the votes required to keep them on the government dole for as long as they deem necessary. DACA must not only be stopped, but the UNFETTERED INVASION OF THE USA BY LEGAL AND ILLEGAL ALIENS AND GLOBAL REFUGEE’S – MUST END. For the sake of the nation and for the love of our own children and grandchildren and for the very survival of the Republic – we must, as Citizens – use our influence to remind Washington that in 2018, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

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