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Jackie Mason: Celebrities Can Solve DACA By Taking In 9 Dreamers Each

September 10, 2017

Daniel Nussbaum


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In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie challenges Hollywood celebrities to take the advice of Cher, who suggested this week that Americans should shelter and protect DACA recipients in their own homes after President Donald Trump announced he was sending the legislation back to Congress for action.

“This is becoming the most ridiculous situation you ever heard,” says Jackie. “Did you hear about Cher? She just announced that she’s asking very celebrity to house one of these illegal children in their own homes, as if it will solve the whole problem.”

“Which means there’s about 11 celebrities that’ll house about nine children, and this’ll solve the whole problem for 800,000 illegal immigrants,” he added.

Jackie’s not sure what the furor surrounding the DACA issue is all about anyway, as the president has simply referred the legislation back to Congress, not rescinded the program outright.

“He’s sending it to Congress, and he’ll wait for them to do something about it. You know what means? That nothing’ll happen,” predicts Jackie. “When did they ever do anything about anything? When did they do anything about the health care bill, which they had on their minds for seven years? Seven years for a health care bill, how long do you think this is gonna take? Probably 32 years.”

Jackie says when it comes to doing nothing, Congress are the “greatest experts in the world.”

“Do you know why this country hasn’t had a balanced budget since the day it was created?” he asks. “Because Congress gets paid whether this country loses money or not. We could solve the whole problem. You know what we should do? Put ’em on commission!”

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