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Dem Sen Kaine: We Should Replace Robert E. Lee Statue With Pocahontas

August 21, 2017

Pam Key


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Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said the state of Virginia should replace the statue of Robert E. Lee at the Capitol in Washington D.C with Pocahontas.

Kaine said, “In Washington D.C. every state gets two statues to put in Statuary Hall or throughout the Capital. Using Virginia as an example, the state gets to choose two people to represent the entire scope of the state’s history. Virginia obviously chose George Washington, the father of the country. But the second choice that was made in 1909 has never been changed is Robert E. Lee. I think as you look at the scope of Virginia history here in 2017 and if you want there to be two people to really stand for who Virginia is.”

He added, “Why wouldn’t you think about Pocahontas had she not saved John Smith’s life we wouldn’t even be here, possibly? Why wouldn’t you think of Barbara Johns who led a school walkout in Prince Edward County that ultimately became part of the Brown versus the Board of Education in the desegregation decision? Or why wouldn’t you think about Governor Wilder the grandson of a slave, decorated Korean War combat veteran who became the first elected African American governor in the history of the country? From 2017 looking backward, Virginia could probably do better in the two people that we choose to stand for us in Statuary Hall. I think a number of the other states can do better as well.”


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