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Left’s biggest lies exposed on major TV show

May 28, 2017

Paul Bremmer


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The legal principle of “separation of church and state” is enshrined in the Constitution, right? After all, Americans hear it all the time from their politicians and judges and mainstream journalists. Authorities and “experts” would never tell such a huge lie, would they? Wouldn’t they be afraid of being found out?

But as psychologists have observed over the decades, repeat a lie often enough, no matter how blatantly false it is, and many people come to believe it.

“Separation of church and state,” in fact, is never mentioned in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, yet the left in politics, academia, law and the media have drilled it into Americans’ consciousness as though it were true.

That’s just one of many key insights from the popular book “The Marketing of Evil” that best-selling author and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian discussed recently on an internationally broadcast Christian TV show.

People of good conscience should never assume any lie is too big for others to tell, said Kupelian. “We project outward; we assume that because we would never do such a crazy thing, others would never do it because they’d be afraid of getting caught.” Kupelian made a marathon two-hour appearance on the SonLife Broadcasting Network show “Frances & Friends.” “Big mistake to think that others would not do something that your conscience would prevent you from doing.”

Kupelian acknowledged that most Christians, including those watching “Frances & Friends,” usually stick to little white lies, if they lie at all. This is because guilt and the fear of getting caught prevent most from telling bigger lies. It was Adolf Hitler himself who articulated the concept and hidden power of the “Big Lie” in his autobiography “Mein Kampf,” although he deviously claimed it was a propaganda technique used by the Jews, not a description of his own modus operandi.

“[Hitler] was deranged and crazy and all the rest, but he was brilliant and he understood the dark side of human nature and he spells it out in there,” Kupelian said. “He basically says the bigger the lie, the more people believe it.”

Exposing, explaining and illuminating lies and deception are themes that permeate Kupelian’s three popular books, the most recent being “The Snapping of the American Mind.” In his first book, “The Marketing of Evil,” he describes, as the subtitle says, “How Radicals, Elitists and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom.”

When Kupelian talks about “the left,” he’s not talking about loyal Americans who are traditional “bleeding-heart liberals” or John F. Kennedy-era Democrats.

“When we say the left, the hard left, we’re talking about a part of society that is actually – I’m just going to spit it out here – in rebellion against reality, in rebellion against Christianity, against the Ten Commandments,” he declared. “This is a group that’s basically at war with core American, what we call Judeo-Christian, values – basically biblical values, the values that America was based on. And so when you do that, when you don’t have truth on your side, what do you have? All you have is marketing, emotion, lies.”

The marketing of evil, explains Kupelian, is very simply the art of making something bad appear good, and something good appear bad. Transgenderism, for example, is classified as a disorder by the World Health Organization, and 41 percent of transgender people attempt suicide at some point. Yet today transgendered individuals are widely portrayed as totally normal people whose true gender simply does not match the reproductive organs with which they were born. Even former Vice President Joe Biden once declared transgender discrimination to be the “civil rights issue of our time.”

Yet those who disagree with the left’s inversion of morality and common sense are labeled haters and bigots. Kupelian knows it’s an effective tactic.

“Nobody wants to be demonized and called any of these names – a bigot, a hater,” Kupelian said. “They make up words: ‘homophobe,’ ‘Islamophobe,’ ‘you’re transphobic.’ These aren’t even words! But they make up these new words to intimidate people into shutting up, because nobody wants to be hated. Nobody wants to think of themselves as a racist, which, nowadays, being a racist is almost worse than being called a murderer.”

One label that is arguably worse than “racist” or “murderer” is “Nazi,” and Kupelian noted leftists have frequently thrown around that label to describe Trump and his supporters. In fact, Kupelian wrote a column last October in which he exposed five Washington Post writers who had compared Trump to Hitler. This sort of rhetoric is grossly irresponsible, he says.

“I’m in the news business,” Kupelian said to the panel of interviewers on “Frances & Friends.” “When somebody kills three, four, five people, it’s a big news story. Hitler killed 11 million, including the 6 million Jews, in World War II. He’s probably the worst guy in history, just about, and to compare Donald Trump, who never killed anybody, to Adolf Hitler is kind of overkill, but we have to understand what the effect of that is. If Donald Trump is Hitler, then all the crazy talk we hear – ‘he needs to be impeached,’ all the rest of this stuff – not only is that understandable, but it’s very dangerous because you’re setting people up to commit violence.”

If Trump really were Hitler, Kupelian reasoned, all the horrible things the left wants to do to him would be justified. After all, those who tried to fight back against Hitler are celebrated today.

“This is serious stuff when you compare anybody to Adolf Hitler,” he warned. “So we’ve gone way beyond irresponsible.”

One of the things the left seems to resent most about Trump is his lack of reverence for diversity and a multicultural America. But Kupelian said the left’s “multicultural” obsession is at the center of another one of its big lies.

“It is not really about celebrating other cultures,” he insisted, regarding what he calls “Multicultural Madness” in “The Marketing of Evil.”  “What it’s really about, my friend, is denigrating Christianity, faith in Christ, the Judeo-Christian tradition and values of our country. That’s really what it’s about.”Kupelian pointed out there are plenty of left-wing Christians who believe the U.S. should fling open its doors to foreigners from terrorist hotbeds to prove America is not a racist country. But that is extremely unwise and dangerous, he insists.

“You’re bringing people in from a culture that, as a rule, do not assimilate,” he warned. “They don’t tend to assimilate, they don’t tend to love the Constitution. They are loyal to a different religion, a different way of life, and it’s just foolishness to bring as many people as humanly possible from a culture that will never assimilate.”

Kupelian said of the people pushing multiculturalism: “They have an antipathy, an anger. They are at war with what they see as white, racist, Christian male patriarchy. You see it all the time in the news. It is a form of craziness.”

Donnie Swaggart, the co-host of “Frances & Friends,” opened up the program with effusive praise for his guest, calling Kupelian’s “The Marketing of Evil” “one of the greatest books that I’ve ever read.”

He added, “It’s a book that every believer should read.”

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  1. annette vinci permalink
    May 28, 2017 4:06 pm

    There is an establishement law and free
    exercise law. In the first amendment. Which essentially means separation between Church state.

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