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Yet Another Civil War Display Falls To Revisionist History

May 27, 2017

Andrew West


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On the cusp of the Memorial Day weekend, we are unfortunately burdened with reporting that yet another Civil War display has fallen to the whims of liberal revisionists.

The bloodiest war that has ever taken place on American soil came to a conclusion at Appomattox Courthouse over 150 years ago, however, there are still lessons to be learned from the war between the states, especially as it pertains to states’ rights.

While northern schools often teach children that the Civil War was fought to end slavery in the evil, racist South, nothing could be further from the truth.  The true impetus of this ultimately horrid affair had much more to do with the federal government’s overreach in newly forming territories, as the nation itself roared westward during Manifest Destiny.  When Washington began imposing their will too vigorously in potential new lands, half of the nation fought back.  Slavery became the focus because it was an easily vilified and horrible practice, and helped to shape public opinion at the time.  This in turn led to higher rates of enrollment in non-slavery states, bolstering their ability to wage war.

Now, as the liberals have worked for 15 decades to equate American conservatives with the “evil” South of the Civil War, it has become apparent that their true intent was to remove any trace of the Confederacy in the modern era.  This has been occurring at an absurdly swift pace in recent years, with monuments being torn straight out of the ground in New Orleans, and a great many of the nation’s retailers refusing to carry any item emblazoned with the Stars and Bars flag of the Confederacy.

Unfortunately, the leftists of this nation also believe that this censorship of historical accuracy should also extend to museums, outing themselves as revisionists, through and through.

“A Civil War battlefield museum in Georgia is closing its doors after a local politician demanded that the establishment discontinues its use of the Confederate flag.

“After Commissioner Dee Clemmons of Hampton, Georgia, demanded that the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum tear down the flags in its Confederate displays that explain the battle to visitors, the museum decided to close its doors, saying it could not properly explain history if half of its displays were to be censored, WFMY reported.

 “Tim Knight, who represents the nonprofit group that runs the museum, said Clemmons spoke with the color of authority of the county and felt that he was given no choice but to close the museum.

“’Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict,’ Stuart Carter, a supporter of the museum, said of the five-year-old establishment.”

While many take for granted the age-old adage regarding the importance of history to those who wish to not repeat it, it seems that this sentiment has been lost among the progressive left.  Instead of fully understanding the conflict that caused so much unfathomable violence in our great nation, the liberal ideology is simply that these lessons should be buried forever under their own, personal beliefs about the war of northern aggression.

Much like the New Fascist movement is taking a page out of Hitler’s book burning instruction manual, these historical revisionists are rewriting what it means to be an American and fight for what you believe in.  It is our right as U.S. citizens to speak freely and celebrate whomever or whatever we wish to.  By censoring our past, how can these leftist lunatics expect to build a future free of the same irresponsible mistakes?


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