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Military Tax to Put More Welfare in Illegals’ Pockets

April 21, 2017

Charles Benninghoff


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Congress wants to impose a mandatory $2,400 tax increase on all US military members to fund their own GI Bill benefits, according to Stars and Stripes and The Military Times.

What an insult!  Congress does nothing to stop welfare payments to illegal aliens and foreigners but it wants to generate new funds by taxing the military.

Tell the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee that you oppose this $330 million tax increase on military members.

Consider all of the money that Congress throws away to illegal aliens and foreigners in comparison to this outrageous $330 million tax increase on military paychecks:

  • Illegal aliens unlawfully collect more than $14 billion per year in IRS refunds even though they pay nothing into the system (Breitbart News).
  • More than half of all illegal alien households collect welfare including cash, food stamps, housing, medical care and education, costing the taxpayers unknown billions every year (Center for Immigration Studies).
  • The taxpayers will give $42 billion in foreign aid to countries that hate America in FY 2017 (
  • America overpays our NATO defense requirement by almost $300 billion per year; yet Congress wants to tax the very same soldiers who defend NATO! (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Click HERE to reject the proposed tax on military paychecks!

GI Bill benefits are OWED to our military members because it is an incentive to volunteer to defend America, especially in wartime. The service members should not have to fund their own benefits!

Congress will not cut off the money spigot to illegal aliens, but wants to impose a new direct tax on military paychecks.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s team is pushing this tax increase and it will surely pass it if we don’t speak out.

Tell Congress to completely reject this infuriating tax proposal on military paychecks immediately! Send Personal Letters to the Members today!

This tax increase bill has not been assigned a number in the House yet but we have links to all of the available information on it on today’s campaign page.

If you know anyone else who would be willing to speak out on this issue, please send them this link:


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