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Stop illegals from demanding taxpayers pay their tuition

April 4, 2017



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Red Alert all ALIPAC activists in all states!

The illegal alien invasion backing groups are focused on Tennessee this week where they are very likely to make that state the 17th to force taxpayers to pay to replace our own children and grandchildren in limited college seats with illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are given preferential admission to colleges over American citizen students, and thousands of American kids will be displaced from college if this bill passes. We have stopped bills like this for you in more than 20 states, and now ALIPAC is on talk radio shows in Tennessee trying to warn and mobilize the public. We need you to lead the charge online from all 50 states focusing on TN!

Out-of-state tuition to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville is $30,914, compared to $12,274 in-state. And for community colleges, the difference is even greater: out-of-state tuition at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis costs more than $15,000, while other Tennessee high school graduates can attend for free through Tennessee Promise. If SB 1014 “Gardenhire/White Bill” aka “in-state tuition for illegal aliens” bill pass, then taxpayers will pay the $15,000 per year for each illegal attending community college and $18,640 on average for each going to 4-year colleges! (More info on this bill CLICK HERE)

There is still time for YOU to help ALIPAC defeat this bill!

Step 1: Pick up your phone and call Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam at (615) 741-2001
(615) 741-2001

to say….

“I am shocked to learn that Governo Bill Haslam is posing for pictures with illegal aliens and wants SB 1014 to force taxpayers to replace their American family members in the limited seats in college with illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants should not receive any taxpayer benefits including tuition subsidies. This is unfair to American families, harmful to US students, and will only bring more illegal aliens into America and Tennessee when other nations like Mexico report US taxpayers must pay tuition for illegal aliens in Tennessee! Governor Bill Haslam should serve the Americans he swore to represent not these illegal alien citizens of other nations. If SB 1014 is passed, Bill Haslam should veto in-state tuition for illegals.”

Then you can reinforce your phone message by writing Governor Haslam a letter, email through his website, or access his Facebook or Twitter via this link

Step 2: Call as many members of the TN Senate as possible with a special focus on the Republicans. Call, call, call them and ask to speak to the lawmaker directly. Leave a message with staff or voicemail if you must and then consider a written follow-up by email, mail, or fax.

TN Senate Contact List

Call to say

“I’m calling to ask Senator _______ to oppose and defeat the in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill SB 1014 by Senators Gardenhire White. Polling in nearby states shows more than 80% of your constituents oppose being forced to pay more taxes to pay for illegal aliens to replace our own American students in the limited seats in our full colleges that turn away so many people each year! How dare the TN Senate even consider sending a message to the whole world that you can illegally immigrate into America and Tennessee and be rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars of tax subsidies each year to go to college in place of American students! Please kill the taxpayer funded in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill SB 1014.”

We need everyone on the walls making calls!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

PS: ALIPAC is running on financial fumes trying to hold out till our next funds drive starts at the end of April. Please consider making a donation to help fund our fight against locals, state, and federal lawmakers that are backing illegal immigrants and their interests over Americans.


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