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Oath Keepers Call to Action: Help Defend Free Speech from Violent Thugs at Inauguration

January 19, 2017

Stewart Rhodes


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Oath Keepers Operation DefendJ20

Calling all Oath Keepers and all other level-headed and capable patriots and groups,

We DO NOT expect the radical leftists to be successful in their rather ambitious and absurd plans to disrupt or even stop the Inauguration.  We expect them to fail.  But we are very concerned about the safety of the patriotic good people who will be there to enjoy the Inauguration, whom the leftists are threatening to assault and attack with violence.  Those threats are now so well documented, and of such a clear a present danger, that we are honor bound to act in defense of the peaceable attendees.  That is, after-all, what we do.   It’s in our blood, in our training, and in our very purpose in life, to be the protectors.

Therefore, we call on those of you who are able-bodied and know how to handle yourselves well, and especially military and police veterans with applicable training and experience, who can remain calm under pressure, to come to Washington DC during the Inauguration and surrounding events (any days you can from Jan 18-20) to protect peaceable American patriots who are now being threatened with assault and other acts of violence by radical leftist groups, as well as to act as additional eyes and ears to “back the blue” and help keep watch on the violent leftists (and to also watch for jihadist terrorists) and spot and report to law enforcement.  

This operation needs to be carried out in a low-key and even covert manner, as we did with our Operation Sabot on election day, since that keeps the bad-guys guessing where you are, how many of you are out there, wondering if they are under direct observation, and wondering if they will be caught and interdicted if they attempt to assault a vulnerable potential victim they have targeted.

Many of our members were already planning on attending the Inauguration, but recent events have compelled us to call on more of you to go to DC to help protect the attendees, if you are able and qualified to do so, if you are within reasonable travel distance from Washington DC, and if you feel called to this mission.  This is strictly voluntary, for those who are willing.  Those who choose to stay home to secure their local areas instead, against the very real possibility of terrorist attack by ISIS (which has promised to make January 20 “Bloody Friday” across the United States) or against the possibility of nation-wide civil unrest in the event things go badly in DC, have our respect.  Let your conscience and your best judgment of where you are needed be your guide.  But please also respect the choice of those who, like us, feel compelled by a sense of duty to go to DC.   This is rightly an individual decision for each to make, like any volunteer mission we have undertaken, be it Bundy Ranch, Ferguson, Missouri, or any of the many others.

We know other patriotic groups, such as Bikers for Trump, and some Three Percenter groups, will also be in attendance in strong numbers in DC, and we will do our best to coordinate with them, but the main focus of this effort will be to have widely dispersed, low-key patriot buddy teams, four-man, and eight-man teams working to spot possible violent criminal activity and to interdict bad guys and protect victims of assault until the police can come to their aid.   If you need to reach us, please email us at:

We will also post up frequent updates on our Twitter page, on this main site, and on our Facebook page.   If we need to post up an emergency rally point for the public to see, we will post it there.  Otherwise, consult our members-only forum, or coordinate with us at the above email if you are from another patriot group.

If you cannot join us on this mission to protect the Inauguration attendees, please consider helping us with travel expenses and logistics by making a small donation here:


Those who can make it, please keep your gas receipts so we can reimburse you for gas expenses (if we get enough donations) once we link up on January 20, after Trump has safely entered the White House.  We will post up a rally point on twitter and on this site that afternoon.


  1.  Have a buddy!  Travel in groups of two at the very least.  If you can link up two buddy teams into a four person team, that is all the better.   And two four man teams makes a nice eight man team.  Any larger risks being too conspicuous, but adjust as necessary for safety.  It is essential that you have a buddy.  If you must travel to DC alone, the first thing you need to do once you get there is to hook up with another Oath Keeper or other patriot.  If you are a member of Oath Keepers you can use our members-only forum for this purpose.  Be prepared to show your membership card or membership certificate to prove membership if you link up with us in DC.  If you are from another group, or an individual, please be patient with patriots if they seek to vette you.
  2. Dress to blend.   Your primary goal is to be able to observe and spot potential bad-actors with criminal intent (whether radical leftists or jihadis) without them knowing you are observing them, so walking around in Oath Keepers gear (or Three Percenter gear or other “patriot group” hats or shirts) is counter-productive to that mission.   You are certainly welcome to bring your Oath Keepers or patriot “colors” with you and have them available to put on if the situation calls for it, or for once you are done and wanting to celebrate, but be able to go back and forth from overt to covert, with primary emphasis on covert.  This keeps the bad guys guessing on your numbers, location, disposition, direction of travel, etc. and will help make them paranoid about being caught.   Don’t make it easy for them to I.D. you, as that will reduce your effectiveness except in certain very specialized circumstances where being I.D.’d easily by the police is essential so they don’t arrest you along with the leftist criminals, and so other patriots know you are one of the good guys (to avoid “blue on blue” situations).  Use your common-sense on that.
  3. Stay dispersed, unless coming to someone’s defense in an emergency.    This allows you to cover more ground with observation, and be on hand to help more people, while still being in at least a buddy team or four-man team.   A large block of patriots standing and traveling together is easier for the bad guys to spot, track, and work around.   As with dressing to blend, being dispersed in two or four person teams keeps them guessing on where you are, who you are, and how many of you there are, and that makes their mission harder to carry out.   If someone is attacked, then it makes sense to converge to assist in defending them as “concerned citizens.”   Ditto for your own safety, if necessary.   Otherwise, remain dispersed.
  4. Go where you are needed most, using your own best judgment.   On Jan 18, if you are in DC, that may include the area of the Pence residence, which has been targeted by the radicals.  On January 19, it would be the area of the Deploraball and anywhere else where Trump supporters are congregating.  Depending on how bad it is, you may be needed to escort attendees to and from such events to protect them from assault.   On Jan 20, you will be needed all over the viewing areas and along the parade route, but especially near where the leftists and the Trump supporters will be close to each other and may clash.   Be fluid, flexible, and mobile, and keep your head on a swivel at all times.  Don’t forget about the Jihadist ISIS threat to make Jan. 20 a “Bloody Friday” in the United States.  Watch for vehicles being used as weapons in areas without Jersey barriers, and watch for possible IEDs.   And don’t forget about the recently discovered weapons caches in DC.
  5. Use secure comms if at all possible, using our established OK secure comms systems or whatever your group/team uses.
  6. Keep cool. Don’t bother getting into debates or arguments with leftist zealots.  They have been conditioned to hate their own country, to hate the Constitution, and to hate you.  They hate anyone who is not them, essentially, but especially all Trump supporters, all conservatives, all libertarians, all constitutionalists, and they have a special hatred of all Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and any patriot military and police veterans (whom they also fear).  They have been conditioned to see you all as “racist Nazis” no matter what you say or do, so save your breath.   Just smile and enjoy their gnashing of teeth and wailing in anguish because they lost the election.   Let them lose their cool, while you keep yours, and keep your eyes and ears open and focused on your mission of protecting the attendees.
  7. Stay within the law!   Let the leftists be the lawbreakers and show the world their true colors, as you stay scrupulously within the law.  The more they “act out” and double down on stupid, the more they kill their own credibility (precisely why they lost the election).  But be ready to defend yourself, your buddy, your team-mates, and especially be ready to defend the more vulnerable attendees who may be targeted for harassment and assault.  Remember, that is your entire purpose on this mission.   If you must act to defend someone, focus on getting them to safety and making contact with the police as soon as safely possible.  Do not engage in shouting matches or “mutual combat” fist-fights for the fun of it, as that is not why you are there.   Be the cool, calm, “quiet professional” who does what is necessary with cool efficiency, and no more.  Consult the prohibited items list, and be aware that you will be subject to search.  Just the way it is.
  8. Film EVERYTHING.   Have your cell phone ready to record, and have someone on your team dedicated to filming any and all altercations.    You must have film to show who was the good guy (you) and who was the bad guy (them).
  9. Have contingency plans and rally points worked out in advance, and designated as you move (just like you learned in patrolling).   Stay with your buddy, no matter what.  We Oath Keepers will have daily worst case “fall-back” rally points designated in case things really go to hell in a handbasket.    Those will be designated on our members only forum each morning.  We recommend that other groups do likewise. But otherwise, use your common sense and training and designate more frequent rally points as you move so you and your buddy or team can be easily reunited if separated along your route.
  10. Dress for bad weather.  It is expected to be cold and raining.  Forecast for January 20 is 100% chance of rain (perfect infantry weather!).  So bring sufficient warm cloths and rain gear.   Wear good shoes or boots, with sure footing, that you can  be in all day in the rain, with spare socks, and good quality gloves.
  11. Bring a serious IFAK and a “boo-boo” kit.  Make sure it will get through whatever checkpoints you will have to navigate.   Have eye protection, flash lights, water, a food bar or two, and whatever else you need to sustain you.  Consult the prohibited items list.   Seriously consider bringing along some whole milk and Dawn liquid soap in case you catch some pepper-spray with your face.   Gas masks are not currently on the prohibited items list, and could really come in handy, but be prepared in case you are told you cannot bring it through a checkpoint.
  12. IF you must go “hands on” use only that force which is necessary to stop the attack, and presume you are on film, because you will be.   Contact police immediately, and make sure you I.D. witnesses if possible, once you and the people you are protecting are safe.  Document everything, with backups, while it is still fresh in your head.
  13. Use your own best judgment and discretion, and remember, you are on stage, and on film, at all times, and your actions will reflect on the rest of us.   Let the bad guys be the ones to show their a$$.   You be the epitome of the professional warrior who follows the warriors creed:

Wherever I walk,
everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.

Wherever I am,
anyone in need has a friend.

Whenever I return home,
everyone is happy I am there.

Why is this necessary?  

It is now abundantly clear that radical leftists, most of them being bused in from outside Washington DC, intend to use sabotage, intimidation, assault, and outright terrorism to attempt to obstruct and even “shut down” the January 20 Inauguration as well as celebrations surrounding it, such as the “Deploraball” that is taking place at the National Press Club on the evening of January 19th.

As we reported here and here, DisruptJ20, the Anti-Fascist Coalition, and Refuse Fascism (a communist front group led by Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Revolutionary Communist Party USA leader Carl Dix, and funded by George Soros) have joined forces to do all they can to disrupt and even prevent the peaceful transition of power that will take place on January 20 as Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

As stated above, we do not believe these radical leftists,  led by aging communist terrorist Bill Ayers, of all people, will be successful in shutting down the Inauguration and surrounding celebratory balls (we feel their insane “astro-turf” Soros funded attempts to spark a broader “revolution” will fizzle out).  However, we are very concerned that in the attempt to disrupt the celebrations, these manic leftist thugs will assault, injure, and even endanger the lives of good American patriots who will simply be trying to enjoy the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.    There is a danger of the same kind of violent assault we saw in San Jose, California during the campaign.  If it weren’t for that serious threat, we’d just laugh at the absurdity of their mass temper tantrum and hissy fit.   But because the leftists are so filled with rage over Trump winning and over their suddenly being out of power after thinking they had a permanent lock on the White House (many of them grew up under Obama, and can’t imagine anyone else as President except a leftist Democrat), they do pose a real danger to the attendees of the Inauguration.

We understand how serious the threat is because, beginning on November 9th, 2016,Oath Keepers operatives have infiltrated numerous meetings of DisruptJ20, Refuse Fascism, and Anti-Fascist Coalition.   That operation is still ongoing.  We have gathered extensive evidence of their plans to violate the law in numerous ways, including plans to assault Trump supporters with bags filled with urine and other foul substances and to use smoke bombs or pepper-spray to clear out the Deploraball event (and then assault attendees again as they leave).   They also announced plans to block checkpoints into the Inauguration, to block roads and other means of transport into the city, including several Metro rail lines, and to do all they can to keep people from being able to access the Inauguration.  All that evidence was promptly turned over to the DC Metropolitan Police Department, and yet no arrests have been made, and the permit for DisruptJ20 to reserve McPherson Square Park just above the White House has still not been pulled, despite their planning and conspiring en mass to engage in criminal activity.

And now, Project Veritas has published crystal clear video and audio of Anti-Fascist Coalition leaders conspiring to commit terrorism in the form of gassing the 1,000 attendees of the Deploraball by pumping butyric acid into the ventilation system of the National Press Club and/or triggering the smoke alarm and sprinkler system to cause a panic, stampede, and evacuation of the building.

And still, they are not arrested or shut down.  During that same taped discussion, Luke Kuhn, of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition, also stated, in reference to the police:

The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either.  If you try to close us down, we will look for your house, we will burn it.  We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places.  We will go to war and you will lose.

So, they are planning to commit arson and assault against police, and still they are free to carry on with their plans.  After being caught “red-handed” on video, the leftists attempted to explain it away as an intentional “just playing along” counter-sting, but  in addition to Project Veritas’ rebuttal, we can confirm that this assertion is patently false.  Oath Keepers is assisting Project Veritas with their investigation of the various organizations that may threaten the safety of participants in events associated with the Presidential Inauguration. We can verify many of the details provided in the Project Veritas reports thru our own initiative codenamed “Operation Hypo”.   As stated above, we provided that information and evidence to the police independent of the Project Veritas effort, but our work fully supports what Project Veritas is reporting.  We have also offered to provide Project Veritas with volunteer security and personnel protection assistance, as our way of supporting their mission.

The fact is, the leftist extremists groups do plan to commit criminal acts, including criminal assault, that do rise to the level of terrorism.  In addition, three weapons caches, with pistols, rifles, homemade suppressors, and ammunition were discovered near American University, where DisruptJ20 is training leftist agitators to disrupt the Inauguration.    Just a coincidence?    Does this kind of thing happen all the time around American University?   Hardly.

And yet, to this date not one arrest has been made, not one permit has been pulled, and no action whatsoever has been taken by the FBI, Secret Service, or by the DC Metropolitan Police to impede these criminal plans.   All that is disrupting the leftists in any way is the public exposure by groups such as Oath Keepers, Project Veritas, and some “white hat” hackers who are going after the leftist radicals.

And that is why we feel honor bound to step in and protect Americans as they come to DC to exercise their right to free speech, assembly, and freedom of association, in the time-honored American tradition of attending Presidential Inaugurations.  Given the government’s absolute failure to arrest any of the leaders of these radical leftist groups, despite being given ample evidence of their brazen conspiracy to commit multiple crimes, including terrorism, we are concerned that the same “kid gloves” and “hands-off” approach will be applied to the actual actions these leftists are still planning on carrying out.

God forbid we see another example of what we saw in San Jose this past year, with Trump supporters, including women and senior-citizens, being physically assaulted and beaten, as the local police stood by, violating their oaths by obeying illegal stand-down orders.  One elderly gentleman was sucker- punched and knocked unconscious, ala “the knockout game” and when he fell he hit the back of his head hard on the concrete, which was a potentially fatal impact:

I want you to imagine an elderly veteran and his wife being beaten like that in Washington DC by America-hating communist thugs throwing a collectivist temper tantrum because they lost the election.   As a matter of human decency, honor, and our oath, we cannot sit at home and watch that on television, knowing that we had a chance to possibly protect them, but failed to act.

By being there, dispersed in unknown but significant numbers, we can help to cause the bad guys strategic doubt, and our presence can also help counter any jihadist plans to create a “perfect storm” of both leftist and jihadist terrorism on that day.

And so, I call on all who are capable and are willing to go, who are within driving range, to come to Washington DC and provide over-watch and protection of your fellow Americans as they attend the Inauguration events.   Let those who feel the call to come answer that call.  Those who decide to remain home can serve a useful purpose by being on the alert for jihadist terror attacks in their local community.  Both are honorable courses of action, and both should be respected as an individual choice.  Let your conscience be your guide on where you believe you need to be.  For those of you who choose DC, we will see you there.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder and President of Oath Keepers

Comments from NavyJack

Ladies and gentlemen, Oath Keepers operatives have been in dozens of meetings and attended multiple protests to learn as much as we can about the threat posed by these organizations. The vast majority of the protesters are not violent. Many of the DisruptJ20 protesters are unhappy with the serious threats being posed by their more radical members. The few hundred that are violent and come uncorked quickly are primarily young (20-35) white males belonging to anarchist organizations (ANTIFA/Black-bloc). They normally wear bandannas over their face to hide their features. They did not vote for Clinton. They did not vote at all. They are angry about the Project Veritas tapes exposing their leaders. You cannot reason with them or present your opinions without triggering them. They want to get you upset to get a verbal or physical reaction from you. Do not take that bait, walk away and find a roving police officer or a stationary officer to radio in for assistance. Point out the agitators (they will ALWAYS be in a group of 3 or more) and ask the police to intercede. You have to ask because unless you do you the DC Police are trained to stand back until a fight is in full swing. DC Police wear body cameras, but they will be off on inauguration day. It is against the law in DC for police to videotape protesters. If you make a complaint about an agitator to an officer, you give him/her the ability to turn on that body camera. I always tell them to turn it on just in case they forget. The agitators hate the police and if they can single one out, they may work up the nerve to jump them.  Eventually someone will spout back at them and a fight will start.

These agitators like to fight, but they are not disciplined. Stay off the ground. Their primary tactics are throat punching and sucker hits from behind to get you down and then pile on. Keep your distance and force them to advance on you.

While in general I agree with the “Film Everything” concept Stewart lays out above, with these anarchists, anyone holding camera that is capturing evidence to be used against them will become the target of their aggression. I suggest that you refrain from videotaping any group of ANTIFA or Black-bloc agitators (the ones wearing bandannas or ski-masks) if you are by yourself. They will take your cell phone. To them, the act of videotaping is an act of aggression.

The anarchists will be using McPherson Square Park (just north of the White House) as their rally point and as a staging area. I suggest that you exercise caution in this general area. If you go near that area, I suggest that you be incognito and covert.

For the Republic,






UPDATE: Here is the second Video from Project Veritas

In that video, leftist leaders conducting “direct action” training encourage their followers to “throat punch” Trump supporters on January 20. They use the term “Nazis” when talking about throat punching people, but that is because they think anyone who voted for Trump is a Nazi.  They make no distinction whatsoever.  “You voted for Trump?  You’re a NAZI!” as seen in this video, even for a black person.  To them, we are all the same, all racists, all Nazis, and all deserve a throat punch, sucker punch, or even worse.


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