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The Recluse Spider is about to launch an ICBM

January 11, 2017

Dave Bertrand


Source ….. Bertrand Daily Report


North Korea is China’s weapon of choice for an attack on the United States, using South Korea as the hostage for avoiding a U.S. attack. If an attack by North Korea is coming, it could be an overt action exposing the true culprit (China) behind such an attack, or it could be done covertly to allow the New World Order “plausible deniability.” If North Korea appears to be acting on their own with an attack, we will have to look at what the world banking cartel are doing versus China reacting to Trump’s economic foreign policy.

The same strategy to use North Korea as a proxy for war by China is exactly what Obama has been doing with al Qaida / ISIS in Syria….and Libya.

The tiny communist regime on the Korean Peninsula has done more to antagonize America and neighboring countries…far more than any other threat on the planet, but yet the United States has done nothing to (at least) overthrow the miniature dictator in the baggy suit of whom continues to threaten with an occasional missile launch. But yet, Syria and Libya have never launched a missile towards to U.S., nor has Russia…but Bush and Obama have caused the deaths of millions, including our own military men and women !

Every time a missile launch or verbal threat spews from the miniature dictator, the current and prior U.S. administrations increase food aid, money and other pleasures. Hell….Jimmy Carter gave them their nuclear power plants with Bill Clinton’s approval, which paved the way for where we are now ! Under Trump…..the goodies cease !

“Enter self-appointed peacemaker Carter: The ex-prez scurried off to Pyongyang and negotiated a sellout deal that gave North Korea two new reactors and $5 billion in aid in return for a promise to quit seeking nukes.

Clinton embraced this appeasement as achieving “an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula” — with compliance verified by international inspectors. Carter wound up winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his dubious efforts.”

The latest threat of a developed ICBM capable of reaching the United States, to be tested soon….President Elect Donald Trump tweeted, “It will never happen,” could mean two things. (1) The missile will self destruct on it’s own, or (2) Trump will blow it out of the sky.

Contrary to fakestream media and current CIA reports, North Korea has the technology.

According to John Spring’s excellent report (below) ….he suggests that Trump’s intelligence briefings are inaccurate and of course we heard Harry Reid propose that Trump receive false intelligence because ” Trump is a liability,”….typical of what WE have seen from Obama and previous presidents that turned America upside down as a country, out-of-control, and dangerously created false intelligence to coerce populations into acceptance of terrible decisions that have killed millions.

“January 1994: The director of the CIA estimates that North Korea may have produced one or two nuclear weapons.”

Trump understands how messed-up the Democrats, including the Bush regimes have been with intelligence, and now he has to revamp the CIA and the military into an actionable force of good versus evil, reverse of what we have had to deal with since LBJ.

North Korea is an extremely dangerous regime and could finally find themselves in the cross hairs of American justice, but the two main factors continuing to stand in the way are South Korea and China (including Japan).

The question we might have to face as a country….

Do we let North Korea continue production and testing of an ICBM nuclear missile, always being aimed our direction, or do we now focus America’s attention on destroying the regime from within, or openly? There is no doubt in anyone’s mind (on the Conservative side) a Democrat in office would let North Korea “get-one-off” as an EMP over America or a direct nuclear hit on a city.

Trump has to make a serious decision about North Korea.

If a missile is launched our direction….let’s hope Trump has the cohonies to blow the missile out of the sky, or on the launch pad, but at the same time….expect retaliation from China, which is coming anyway as a result of major corporations returning to the U.S.

Under Trump….China slowly slips back to asking America for favored status, instead of America begging for lenience.

WE might have (so far) averted a world war with Russia, but the true danger is North Korea and China. Better to have Russia on our side for the approaching world war, of which financial analysts believe is brewing as a result of the New World Order / globalist’s failure to enslave the world under a one world currency, one world religion, and a carbon tax on every person around the world to finance their schemes.

A planned economic collapse around the world will trigger WWIII, and North Korea could take center stage for the kick-off. Under Hillary Clinton, America would be destroyed….as planned by the globalists. Analysts believe that between 2019 and 2020 will begin the kick-off to WWIII….just in-time for Trump’s re-election. However….WWIII planned economic collapse by the globalists will be cancelled if WE Americans save ourselves by voting-in a Democrat in 2020. That’s when the paradigm of what we almost had with a Hillary election will again surface with Russia being the bad guy and China as the favored nation.

The shift in the WWIII paradigm between the globalists and a Trump administration are two distinct differences (and coalition partners) for such a war. Under Democrats, it’s all about pacifying Saudi Arabia and Qatar for resources in the region and a trans-Syria pipeline from Qatar to the Mediterranean while using Israel’s safety as the excuse for public consumption.

The other WWIII under Trump, will be strictly for America’s safety with the second best military (Russia) on our side.  The build-up of U.S. military in Poland to stop Putin, is a useless attempt to only create a false paradigm ahead of Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Either way…the globalists are going to do it to us anyway if Trump doesn’t creatively locate and arrest these bastards, i.e., George Soros for starters and certain world banking cartel types. 2020 will be up to us (again) to keep America safe….if a Democrat / Progressive / Communist takes 2020, we will be done as a sovereign nation. Democrats in office must be weeded-out, exposed, talked about, researched, and minimized before 2020. That is exactly the plan by Obama and his terrorist friend Bill Ayers, including the Clintons, of what they intend to do to (us) before 2020.

Dave Bertrand

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