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DHS Tweets ‘Refugees Welcome’ After Obama Successfully Imports 10,000 Syrians Ahead of Schedule

August 31, 2016

Katie McHugh


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DHS - Syrian Refugees

As the the Obama administration reached its goal of importing 10,000 Syrian refugees on Monday, the official Twitter account of the Department of Homeland Security declared it was the “right thing to do,” despite the concerns of voters.

“This is the United States of America. Taking in refugees at times of crisis is the right thing to do,” the tweet from the verified DHS account said, adding the hashtag, “#RefugeesWelcome.”

The tweet drew furious responses from users, including those demanding that the U.S. care for its own homeless and poor first before dumping more impoverished, predominately Muslim foreign nationals onto strained social safety nets and an economy that’s never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. The wealthiest Muslim nations refuse to accept any displaced Syrians.

Importing impoverished Muslims from the war-torn nation as Islamic terrorist attacks continue is not popular with voters: Only 36 percent support the Obama administration’s resettlement agenda.

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