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Record 25,851,000 Foreign-Born People Employed in U.S. in June

July 14, 2016

Caroline May


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The number of foreign-born people employed in the United States reached another record high in June, according to new figures released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS reports that last month a record 25,851,000 foreign-born people had jobs in the U.S., an increase of 110,000 people from the previous record high hit in March.

The BLS defines the “foreign-born” as “those residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth.”

More specifically, the BLS says, “[the foreign-born] were born outside the United States or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam, to parents neither of whom was a U.S. citizen. The native born are persons who were born in the United States or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam or who were born abroad of at least one parent who was a U.S. citizen.”

The unemployment rate among the foreign born, according to the not-seasonally adjusted data, was 4.0 percent. The labor force participation rate was 65.6 percent.

While more foreign-born people had jobs last month, number of native-born Americans with jobs declined by 179,000 last month, hitting 126,140,000.The unemployment rate among native-born people was 5.3 percent and the labor force participation rate was 62.7 percent.

Both the foreign-born and native-born populations have experienced job-growth under the Obama Administration. The employment-growth among the foreign-born population, when compared with overall working-age population growth, however, has fared somewhat better.

Since President Obama took office, the population of working-age foreign-born people has increased by 6,048,000 and the number with jobs has grown by 4,476,000. In the same timeframe the native-born, working-age population grew by 12,611,000 and the number with jobs grew by 7,079,000.

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  1. SimplyFred permalink
    July 14, 2016 12:16 pm

    The author ‘forgot’ to mention something important. Foreign born workers are not picking strawberries nor are they waiting tables in restaurants. Some 17 million foreign born workers have stolen jobs from Americans under a genocidal program called the H 1 B Visa. These people are doctors, IT professionals, computer programmers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians with tenured faculty appointments in our colleges and universities.

    Still not scared? Still not sickened?

    H 1 B workers (sic) are encouraged, they have the right to bring any number of relatives to this country at the taxpayers expense. Once here these freeloaders become ‘dependents’ and they are added to the Social Security roles. Good luck, America!

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