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Uncle Sam’s Reconstruction Terrorist Organization The Union League

February 23, 2016

James W. King


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The late great radio commentator Paul Harvey Aurandt, known on radio as Paul Harvey, had for many years a very popular segment called “The Rest Of The Story”. Most people are aware that there are at least two sides to any story and most are aware that the winner or victor of a war writes the history. Many people are also aware that American History, especially that of the Old South, the War For Southern Independence (Civil War), and Reconstruction as presented by Northern historians is at best a highly biased New England perspective and at worst little more than Yankee lies and propaganda. Emperor Napoleon of France is quoted as saying “History is an Accepted Fable” and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said “History is Basically Bunk“. In the current sea of political correctness that has swallowed up America, true and accurate Southern and Confederate history is absolutely not going to be taught in America’s classrooms including colleges and universities.

The complete story of the Civil Rights movement and the battles fought by black Americans, especially black Southerners, for voting and other rights is the subject of this commentary. The perspective presented by America’s news media portrays white Southerners as racists and bigots who mistreated totally innocent blacks who only wanted their rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In some cases this is true but what caused Southern whites to act in this manner? Some articles ask “Should blacks forgive whites for this mistreatment”. Continue reading as I present “The Rest Of The Story” which dishonest Northern historians have omitted from American history. This omission can be compared to serving on a jury trial in which only the prosecution is allowed to present their perspective and selected facts. Thus jurors are kept in ignorance of other vital facts relevant to rendering an educated fair and impartial verdict.

Today very few Americans, including Southerners, remember or have ever heard of Uncle Sam’s terrorist organization, the UNION LEAGUE, which was operated by evil, corrupt, tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial Yankee Carpetbaggers in the South from 1862 through 1877. All chapters in American history books related to Reconstruction discuss radical Republican Carpetbaggers and the KKK. The third element, the Union League, is totally omitted because this “inconvenient history” reflects so negatively on the North and would expose the shameful corrupt and barbaric atrocities committed by the UNION LEAGUE against white Southerners especially former Confederates and their families.

The UNION LEAGUE began as an honorable part of the Union army as the Sanitary Commission. It soon morphed into the military strong arm of the Freedmans Bureau and began committing atrocities. These white Yankee carpetbaggers used uneducated blacks as puppets to do their dirty work during so called Reconstruction which was in reality the plunder, pillage, and rape of the Southern states. Blacks were initiated into the UNION LEAGUE in secret spectacular impressive ceremonies with fires, music, and inflammatory speeches and lies to incite hatred and resentment toward Southern whites. Conservative blacks that refused to participate and join were beaten or in some cases murdered. During Reconstruction the membership of the UNION LEAGUE reached nearly 300,000 black militia members managed and controlled by white Yankee carpetbaggers.

UNION LEAGUE Carpetbaggers handed out matches and had blacks burning houses and barns, shooting livestock, poisoning wells, and committing murder and rape. White Southerners lived in terror for years. Some Yankees were so radical and fanatical that they wanted to exterminate every Southern man, woman, and child. This caused the rise of the KKK which was an honorable Police and Resistance organization (this pro-KKK comment only applies to the original KKK which disbanded in 1867. I disdain the modern Klan). Union League carpetbaggers also fought battles between each other for control much like modern drug lords. In several cases president Grant had to intervene but he always sided with the radicals against moderates. When Southerners finally evicted the carpetbaggers the blacks were left to face the wrath of whites. Theft and corruption had been so severe and thorough that several states were left totally bankrupt.

Although the UNION LEAGUE has been omitted from history and virtually forgotten, the consequences have carried forward. White Northerners are responsible for most of today’s division between white and black Southerners. It is time for both whites and blacks to forgive but not forget and to work together to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights and prevent the enslavement of us all by the advancing shadow of totalitarian Socialism which hovers over America like a bird of prey fueled by well meaning but misguided liberals. Contact me for more facts


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