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US government trying to mandate toxic vaccines for all veterans (or deny them VA healthcare services)

February 2, 2016


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The S.1203 bill has been quick to draw criticism from a variety of groups due to its controversial attempt to mandate vaccinations for all veterans that wish to receive medical services from the Veterans Administration (VA).(1)

It has long been suggested that veterans who seek medical care from the VA are experiencing long delays in treatment and sub-standard care. The need to rely upon non-VA care in many cases has started to raise questions about whether or not the VA has the capacity to provide services to the veteran population, both now and in the years to come.(2)

VA healthcare users

In 2014, the total veteran population was just over 21.5 million and 9 million of these veterans were enrolled with the VA. In order to enroll, a veteran must be eligible as a “person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable.”

Of those 9 million veterans enrolled with the VA, almost 6 million opted to seek care during 2014.

How will the new bill affect veterans?

The bill has already been declared a violation of more than one provision in The Nuremberg Code, a set of research ethics that specifically prohibits any form of coercion or mandatory imposition for any type of medical treatment, including vaccines, without the willing content and voluntary desire of the patient.(3)

If this bill becomes a law, it will mean that veterans must be vaccinated with each of the recommended vaccines in order to be eligible for any medical treatment or benefits from the VA. Opting out of any vaccines, for whatever the reason may be, will mean that a veteran is no longer eligible for treatment.

The wording of the bill is fairly convoluted and confusing, but it does mandate “a full schedule of ‘recommended’ vaccinations as a requirement,” according to The immunization schedule is extensive, with over 90 vaccines listed and required in order to obtain healthcare.

The potential dangers of vaccines

The debate over vaccine safety has been going on for many years and various studies indicate that, while vaccines may help reduce the risk of certain diseases, they can also cause others. Flu vaccines have been linked with Guillain–Barre syndrome, a neurological disorder that attacks nerve cells – eventually causing paralysis.

Meanwhile, Gulf War Syndrome is a condition that first got its name when US Gulf War soldiers received at least 17 different vaccines (including those in the experimental phase), causing soldiers to suffer muscle and joint paint, headaches, irritability, depression, respiratory disorders and cognitive defects.

The main arguments against vaccinations are that toxicity studies for many of the active ingredients have not been carried out, nor can the benefit of immunity be guaranteed. Adverse effects can be anything from blood clots and meningitis to strokes and autism – with around 50 other effects also associated.(4)

By making vaccines mandatory for veterans, an entire group of people who have at one time or another served for their country are losing their human right to opt out of receiving phrophylactic treatments. These immunizations could even, by the terms of the bill, be experimental or vaccines that have not yet been tested.(5)

The number of the immunizations listed on the required schedule is staggering and is enough to sicken anyone – so it is understandable why this bill has been met with such high levels of resistance.

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