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Campbell’s calls for nationwide mandatory GMO labeling, revokes support for anti-labeling front groups run by biotech mafia

January 13, 2016


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Campbells-In-Favor-GMO-LabelingCampbell’s just made food history. It announced support for nationwide GMO labeling while revoking its support for biotech front groups that oppose GMO labeling ballot initiatives at the state level.

In an announcement on its website, Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison threw down the gauntlet, declaring a new era of food transparency for the company, affirming the inescapable conclusion that consumers want to know what they’re eating. Clean food activism has also rallied millions of people to boycott deceptive food brands that oppose GMO labeling, causing a loss of consumer trust in the “traitor brands” like Kashi, Larabar, Silk, General Mills, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola.

“Today, consistent with our Purpose, we announced our support for mandatory national labeling of products that may contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) and proposed that the federal government provide a national standard for non-GMO claims made on food packaging,” says Campbell’s. “We have always believed that consumers have the right to know what’s in their food. GMO has evolved to be a top consumer food issue reaching a critical mass of 92% of consumers in favor of putting it on the label.”

In saying this, Campbell’s is rejecting the “obfuscate and deceive” strategy of the rest of the industry: LIE, hide, threaten, deceive, distract and corrupt at every opportunity, keeping consumers in the dark and pushing poison (GMOs and glyphosate) while claiming food buyers are too stupid to understand simple food labels.

Campbell’s stakes out the high ground on food transparency

For this decision, Campbell’s deserves real credit. This is a groundbreaking decision that puts Campbell’s in a leadership position on the issue of food transparency.

If I were a Campbell’s shareholder, I’d be praising this decision. It puts Campbell’s far ahead of the coming wave of citizen science where privately run labs like my own ( are testing and publishing food test results acquired from state-of-the-art equipment capable of detecting herbicides and heavy metals at parts per billion concentrations. (My new lab expansion announcement is coming very soon. We’ve just finished a second build out and have added organic chemistry analysis with LC-MS instrumentation.)

Furthermore, this announcement engenders consumer trust in Campbell’s as a brand. While other companies are trying to deceive and lie to consumers, Campbell’s is pursuing a recipe of food transparency, disclosing exactly what it’s putting into its soups and other food products.

While I don’t endorse the entire Campbell’s product line — not yet anyway — I have to applaud the company’s actions on rejecting GMO deceptions and announcing a vision for long-term food transparency that covers GMOs and artificial additives as well.

Click here for my full podcast on Campbell’s.

Campbell’s distancing itself from the mafia-style criminals running the GMA and deceptive food companies

Campbell’s is even distancing itself from the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers of America), which engaged in mafia-style money laundering to defeat a GMO labeling ballot measure in Washington state.

“Campbell is withdrawing from all efforts led by groups opposing mandatory GMO labeling legislation, including those led by GMA,” says Campbell’s. That same statement continues with, “What I do know is that our decision was guided by our Purpose; rooted in our consumer-first mindset; and driven by our commitment to transparency – to be open and honest about our food. I truly believe it is the right thing to do for consumers and for our business.”

By making this strategic move, Campbell’s now differentiates itself from all the other big processed food companies and sets a new leadership standard that other companies will be scrambling to follow. After all, if you’re shopping at the grocery store and you see three different brands of soups on the shelf, which brand are you going to choose… Campbell’s soup that has committed itself to food transparency and honest labeling, or some other brand that supports labeling deceptions and the hiding of GMOs from consumers?

The decision is a no-brainer. Most mainstream consumers will go with Campbell’s every time.

Click here for my full podcast on Campbell’s rejecting GMO front groups.

Corporate sabotage coming to Campbell’s next?

By the way, on the subject of corporate sabotage, I’ve publicly stated that the biotech industry very likely contaminated Chipotle restaurants with E.coli in order to destroy that company after it announced a GMO-free menu. (Its stock price is down 27% from recent highs…)

Although this assertion was predictably ridiculed by the GMO-pushing mainstream media, there’s no question that corporate sabotage is one of the many nefarious tactics used by the criminally run, mafia-style GMO front groups. (These are the same people who call in bomb threats at buildings where clean food activists are about to speak.)

Knowing firsthand the kind of threats and intimidation routinely used by the GMO industry shills, I think we need to be on the lookout for corporate sabotage against Campbell’s in a desperate effort to destroy public trust in their products.

This is a serious assertion, and Campbell’s needs to really shore up their own defenses against corporate sabotage at this point. As a food research scientist, I’d be happy to talk with Campbell’s and alert them to the most likely corporate sabotage vectors that would be targeted by biotech food terrorists. Truth be told, not every food safety outbreak is an accident…

By the way, people in the mainstream media who think corporate sabotage never takes place are cognitively retarded or living in a delusional fairy tale. Corporate sabotage has always been — and will continue to be — one of the tactics used by nefarious, unethical industries to destroy opposition. If you don’t believe corporate sabotage happens in America today, you have no idea how Wall Street, Silicon Valley or the petroleum industry works. And because we’ve already seen the dark tactics used by the GMO industry in particular, we have substantial and legitimate reasons to expect they will continue such tactics against their industry enemies like Chipotle and now Campbell’s.

These are the same tactics that were historically used by Big Tobacco, by the way: The threatening and intimidation of scientists, the corruption and influence of mainstream media, the infiltration of regulatory bodies in the government and the wholesale corruption of academia. Nearly every tactic once used by Big Tobacco to silence scientists and health advocates is now being used against clean food activists.

In fact, some of the very same people operating today as GMO mercenaries actually worked on Big Tobacco disinformation and P.R. campaigns. Check out the Truthwiki entries on Jon Entine, Kevin Folta, Henry Miller and the Washington Post GMO prostitute Tamar Haspel — who has openly admitted to taking money from biotech industry front groups — for a small taste of the kind of deceptions and defamation campaigns being run by these people. In mainstream media, “Monsanto whores” include journalists like Amy Harmon, Keith Kloor and Tamar Haspel, all of whom operate as biotech industry sellouts who push poison and disinfo.

In making its decision to reject the hiding of GMOs on food labels, Campbell’s has just rejected the lies and deceptions of biotech shills (pretending to be journalists) like Harmon, Kloor, Haspel and others. Campbell’s has effectively announced that they’re siding with the consumers, not the slanderers. As a result, Campbell’s actually has a bright future ahead of them in the food business, whereas many companies that are hiding GMOs in their foods are on the verge of being outed and shamed for selling poison food products while actively trying to keep consumers ignorant of what they’re eating.

We are winning the clean food wars

This is a great day for food transparency. The fact that Campbell’s decided, on its own, to reject the lies and deceptions of the GMO industry and side with consumers’ right to know what they’re eating is yet another sign of three powerful trends that are simply unstoppable:

Trend #1) The global cry for food transparency by informed consumers.

Trend #2) The rise of citizen science and analytical food labs that can’t be controlled by government regulators or corrupt corporations. (I’m spearheading this part of the movement with my Forensic Food Lab.)

Trend #3) The rise of social media sharing of food composition analysis results, allowing news about food ingredients to spread like wildfire across the ‘net, utterly bypassing mainstream media and government regulators to bring lifesaving information about food composition directly to consumers.

These three trends mean that food companies will no longer be able to hide what’s in their products. Effectively, we’re rapidly entering an age of NO MORE FOOD SECRETS.

Soon, everybody will know everything that’s in all the foods they’re consuming, and food manufacturers that don’t get out in front of that are going to find themselves obsolete. Similarly, corrupted mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post that remain wholly compromised by biotech industry influence are also going to find themselves not merely irrelevant but laughed at by the informed public.

Actually, the Washington Post is already laughed at. Any newspaper that claims anything like “GMOs are perfectly safe to eat but you shouldn’t have the right to know you’re eating them” is committing credibility suicide in the minds of informed readers.

The democratization of food science will end the era of deceptive food labeling

The democratization of food science will bring an end to the era of food companies hiding toxic chemicals and GMOs with deceptive labeling. The winners in all this are YOU, the food consumers.

Other winners will be organic growers, ethical food companies and honest producers of clean, nourishing food products in every category. The losers will be Monsanto, GMO crop growers and the propagandist media outlets that sell out their readers to the nefarious biotech industry.

And the really great news in all this is that we can’t be stopped. We don’t need government permission, we don’t need media coverage, we don’t need corporate cooperation and we don’t need science grants from the federal government. Thanks to Natural News readers and their financial support of our online store, we have accumulated all the financial backing we need to conduct groundbreaking food science that reveals the truth about what’s really in the food products you’re eating. This truthful, scientifically backed information will be publicly and freely shared with the world throughout 2016 and beyond.

The bottom line is that we are serious about food science. Unless the biotech industry is going to influence Congress to pass a law banning SCIENCE itself, we cannot be stopped.

Click here for my full podcast on the democratization of science.

Stay tuned to for breaking news on all this throughout 2016. Also read up at and monitor headlines on glyphosate at

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