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9-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead in Ferguson; No Riots, No Protests

August 20, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson


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Jamyla BoldenBlack lives don’t matter when the killer is not a white cop

A 9-year-old girl was shot dead as she did her homework in Ferguson on Tuesday night, but the same community that rioted in response to Michael Brown’s death was nowhere to be seen.

The difference? Jamyla Bolden was killed in a drive-by shooting and not by a white police officer.

“The father of Jamyla Bolden said the girl was in her bed doing homework inside a home in the 9200 block of Ellison when she was shot around 9:30 Tuesday night. Her mother was also shot in the leg,” reports KMOV 4.

Pastor Willis Johnson commented on the tragedy by emphasizing that all lives matter.

“There needs to be a reevaluation of human life: [whether] black, white, young, seasoned, whether in Ferguson, or areas considered affluent,” said Johnson. “This has to stop. This epidemic of lost life under false pretense and of no real significant reason has to change.”

While scores of people in St. Louis rioted and burned cars and buildings last night in response to the death of a man who police say pointed a gun at them during the serving of a warrant, there has been zero interest from demonstrators in the circumstances that led to Bolden’s killing.

Earlier this month, violent unrest flared in Ferguson on the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, who was killed by Officer Darren Wilson after assaulting a store clerk, attempting to grab Wilson’s gun and charging at him.

The Black Lives Matter movement will continue to have little legitimacy until it actually addresses the primary threat to black lives – violent black criminals.

This hasn’t happened because BLM is a George Soros-funded astroturf outfit that is being used to generate nationwide racial division.

Around 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks, despite the fact that they only make up 13% of the population.

Jamyla Bolden’s tragic death again illustrates how black lives don’t matter if the killer is not a white police officer and the victim is not a gun-toting criminal.

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