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Citizen Soldiers To Be Cut From Army, But Illegal Aliens Recruited

July 13, 2015

Jim Kouri


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President Barack Obama and Pentagon officials confirmed on Tuesday their plan to cut 40,000 troops from the United States Army over the course of the next two years, which is expected to affect domestic and foreign Army bases and installation. However, there has been no mention of cuts to the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program initiated to enlist immigrants including those enjoying the benefits of Obama’s executive order creating DACA.

“There are many Americans who believe that the politicians such as Barack Obama seek to replace American citizens in the U.S. military with foreign

troops — de facto mercenaries — and gays and lesbians who will more likely obey orders to turn their guns on the American people should they rise up and attempt to restore Constitutional rule rather than the ruling class of elites,” said political strategist and attorney Mike Baker.

The force reductions will mean that active-duty Army will experience cuts from its current size of about 490,000 soldiers to about 450,000. It will become the smallest number of troops since just before the United States witnessed the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor that dragged Americans into World War II.

The reduction of fighting men and women was initially announced last year when then-Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel promulgated the Pentagon’s fiscal year budget for the 2015. The same figure was included in the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review 2014.

While on Tuesday defense officials confirmed the Army was moving ahead with the a reduction in uniformed personnel and an addition 17,000 civilian workers, the details are expected to be announced on Thursday. Part of those details will be an announcement of which units would experience the troop and civilian reductions.

According to the Obama administration, the cuts in military personnel is an attempt by the Democrats to achieve $1 trillion in reductions in defense spending over the next ten years. However, there was no mention by President Barack Obama or his Pentagon brass of any reductions to those immigrants who are being recruited as part of the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program which had resumed last January.

The MAVNI program had been interrupted until President Obama’s executive order on immigration opened up MAVNI to illegal aliens who allegedly came to the U.S. as children. According to the Military News web site, “[The Defense Department] has set the overall fiscal year quota for MAVNI at 1,500, and the Army has been allocated 1,300 slots for now.”

Some observers find the prospect of military “lay-offs” of citizens serving as enlisted soldiers and officers, but at the same time so-called undocumented immigrants are being recruited. “If someone is undocumented, how does the military perform a background investigation on him or her? And if the government is laying off military personnel to save money, why is that same government hiring foreigners? Are we turning the Army into a French Foreign Legion?” asked former U.S. Marine and NYPD detective Sidney Franes.

“The Obama run Pentagon, after getting rid of generals who complained about his ‘social engineering agenda,’ is replacing heterosexual white males with illegal aliens who were unilaterally given amnesty as well as recruiting or keeping openly gay, lesbian and transgender soldiers. The Democratic party is working hard to degrade the U.S. military by turning it into a freak show,” claims former U.S. Army warrant officer, Charles Petrosky, Jr.

A number of economists believe that if the cuts were being made to cut the multi-trillion dollar debt and the deficit, perhaps the Obama administration would have a reasonable excuse. But they claim the money cut from the military will be used to increase socialist programs and add to the number of entitlements already bankrupting the nation.

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