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To Southern Folks: The Republican Party Will Not Save You (and they are not really trying to)

July 12, 2015

Al Benson Jr.


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Too many folks here in the South really believe that the Republican Party is the “party of small government” that is out there manfully trying to protect them from the “liberal Democrats.” It sounds so good when you read the Republican Party literature during an election year. Unfortunately, much of what sounds good to people often turns out to be bovine fertilizer and the Republican “concern” for limited government is one of the biggest piles of that around.

The Republican Party is not really concerned about limited government and if you look at their history, there have really been very few times when they were. Their first presidential candidate, John C. (pathfinder) Fremont back in 1856 leaned to the left politically, and when the War of Northern Aggression commenced he had several Forty-eighter socialists under his command. Donnie Kennedy and I have documented this in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. Their next candidate, Abraham Lincoln, was just as far to the left, but the “history” books don’t bother to tell you any of that. Better for the establishment if you don’t know. Except, thanks to authors like Tom DiLorenzo, the word is getting out about what Lincoln really was, and there are others as well.

Today I read an article on by Paul Gottfried called  Neocons Hate the South. Mr. Gottfried noted that since the shootings in Charleston “GOP officials have been scrambling to comply with leftist demands that Southern whites be stripped of visible signs of their Confederate heritage. The GOP has actually been downplaying the Confederacy for years…” I recall, a few years back now, when Cheney was Vice-President, someone of note in the South passed away and the was a Confederate flag at the funeral home where he was displayed. Cheney refused to even go in until that Confederate flag was removed. This is your Republican’s “love” for the South and your heritage. Gottfried noted that: “Neoconservatives have long stood out from other Republicans and members of Conservatism Inc. by virtue of the intensity of their loathing for the white South.” And at this point in time, it seems that these are the people that control the Republican Party. The Republicans don’t hesitate to use the Southern vote to help them gain control of Congress–but look at what has happened since they got control in November, 2014. Has government gotten any smaller? Are the Republicans really trying to stave off the efforts of the “liberal” Democrats for more and bigger government? Hardly! What has happened is that the public, if they really take the trouble to look, will find that what we really have in Washington is a melding together of both political parties into one group and it is predominently liberal/left in its outlook and the Republicans, for all their “conservative” rhetoric are more than willing to go along with much of what Comrade Obama has planned for the country.

So our path down the road to some sort of European socialism will be promoted by two political parties who claim to disagree with one another but who are willing to work together to forge the chains of socialism around the necks of the American people.

And they particularly want to forge those chains on people in the South because that is the region that balks most consistently against the wiles of big government. Make no mistake about it–both parties in Washington hate your guts of you are Southern. You stand for everything that their One World government agenda is opposed to. The South is the last part of the country that even makes any pretention to the Christian faith, and that is their real enemy. Christ and the Confederacy have to go in the South and so all symbols and flags that remind anyone of either one must be purged–and the Republicans will work just as eagerly at that as will any black NAACP member! They hate your faith. They hate your heritage. They want them both gone and you had better wake up and realize that.

As for Confederate flags and monuments we are going to have to start looking for private property to put them on, preferably along highways where they have some visibility. But we can pretty well figure, with the present purge, that any “public” property will not be healthy for our heritage. I’ve just read where they have, in Memphis, decided to dig up Bedford Forrest and his wife and to re-inter them somewhere less “public” than where they are now. I suppose at this point the authorities in Memphis are on the lookout for some “potter’s field” out in the boonies where they hope no one will ever go to rebury them.

Folks, I’ve stated before in articles that the Republican Party ain’t your friend and that if you really are conservative or patriotic then you need to start looking somewhere else. Folks in the South have got to start looking for another political savior because the Republicans won’t cut the mustard–and actually there is no salvation in politics anyway. North or South, only the Lord can straighten out the mess we find ourselves in today so maybe we had better get on our knees and ask Him what He wants us to do–and if the mess is to be straightened out He will want us to do something, not just sit it out and wait for the “rapture.”

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