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Maryland state song targeted for having ‘Confederate sympathies’

July 12, 2015

Olaf Ekberg


Source ….. Maryland-My-Maryland The latest relic of the past being served up for skewering is the official state song of Maryland. Delegate Karen Lewis Young says the 9-verse “Maryland My Maryland” was written in 1861 by James Ryder Randall and reflects his “Confederate sympathies.” “I’m surprised that past efforts were unsuccessful,” she tells the Frederick News-Post, “but I think that recently, as our consciousness has been raised once again, it warrants [looking again] at this song.” “The Civil War was the most divisive period in America’s history,” Young says, according to WBOC. “I don’t think our state song should be based on a battle hymn that celebrates that.” She’s proposing  “a poem by the same title written in 1894 by John T. White.” “His poem celebrates the beauty of Maryland. The beautiful shores, the majestic mountains,” according to Delegate Young. “It is in no way controversial, and I think we want to have a song that endures over time and something that just celebrates the state beauty, is unifying and enduring, and not controversial and divisive.” Guy Djoken, president of the NAACP’s Frederick County chapter, says it’s good people are realizing the song makes some “uncomfortable.” Republican state Sen. Michael Hough is dismissing Young’s proposal. “Not only is it not a good use of our time to argue over, but it actually costs money,” he says. “I could probably name 100 issues more important than that.” Here’s the 9-verse epic Young has deemed “inappropriate”:

I The despot’s heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle queen of yore, Maryland! My Maryland!

II Hark to an exiled son’s appeal, Maryland! My mother State! to thee I kneel, Maryland! For life and death, for woe and weal, Thy peerless chivalry reveal, And gird thy beauteous limbs with steel, Maryland! My Maryland!

III Thou wilt not cower in the dust, Maryland! Thy beaming sword shall never rust, Maryland! Remember Carroll’s sacred trust, Remember Howard’s warlike thrust, And all thy slumberers with the just, Maryland! My Maryland!

IV Come! ’tis the red dawn of the day, Maryland! Come with thy panoplied array, Maryland! With Ringgold’s spirit for the fray, With Watson’s blood at Monterey, With fearless Lowe and dashing May, Maryland! My Maryland!

V Come! for thy shield is bright and strong, Maryland! Come! for thy dalliance does thee wrong, Maryland! Come to thine own anointed throng, Stalking with Liberty along, And chaunt thy dauntless slogan song, Maryland! My Maryland!

VI Dear Mother! burst the tyrant’s chain, Maryland! Virginia should not call in vain, Maryland! She meets her sisters on the plain- “Sic semper!” ’tis the proud refrain That baffles minions back again, Maryland! Arise in majesty again, Maryland! My Maryland!

VII I see the blush upon thy cheek, Maryland! For thou wast ever bravely meek, Maryland! But lo! there surges forth a shriek, From hill to hill, from creek to creek- Potomac calls to Chesapeake, Maryland! My Maryland!

VIII Thou wilt not yield the Vandal toll, Maryland! Thou wilt not crook to his control, Maryland! Better the fire upon thee roll, Better the blade, the shot, the bowl, Than crucifixion of the soul, Maryland! My Maryland!

IX I hear the distant thunder-hum, Maryland! The Old Line’s bugle, fife, and drum, Maryland! She is not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb- Huzza! she spurns the Northern scum! She breathes! she burns! she’ll come! she’ll come! Maryland! My Maryland!

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  1. Michael in Maricopa County Arizona permalink
    July 13, 2015 12:21 pm

    The history of this nation, with all of its successes and failures is being attacked and revised by absolute racists and race baiters. Here we are, engaged in a great “social” war, over what? A flag. A General and his wife entombed and memorialized in a Park in Memphis. A statue of Confederate Officers in Statutory Hall in Congress. And more heathenistic behavior by supposedly intelligent people. Leading the barrage of stupidity is none other than the Speaker of the House – John “the crybaby” Boehner and a gaggle of RINO’s from South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, California – from sea to shining sea. This attack upon the history of the nation is looking pretty much like a witch hunt to exact revenge upon the South and Southern values and traditions. It reeks of the past “northern” efforts to put the final touches of “reconstruction” in place and to do this, the Carpet baggers are out in full force. Never mind the fact that it does no good to point out their racism and race baiting tactics, they could care less what people think. They have a political prize to gain from all of this obfuscation and they will not be deterred. However, I say that if they are going to be truly “sensitive” to the atrocities of history, then by God they had better remove all things Washington, Jefferson, Grant, Lincoln – and more, from the face of the landscape and the pages of history. Rather than bestow great honor upon men who have honored this nation, let us remove them now, once and fo0r all, from all memory so that we won’t have to teach our children the facts – when fiction will do just fine. If ever there were a time in the lives of people now living – to stand up and scream – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – that time appears to be right now!! The brash ignorance and stupidity of a handful of people is driving deep and immovable wedges into the social cracks of our nation. Wounds once healed are now being reopened for the purpose of resurrecting the same brand of evil behavior that our past generations tried to end. Yet, the hatred of some people, fueled by their refusal to speak the truth and submit honest arguments into the discussions – are prime examples of the lynch mobs that they have become. Some of the rhetoric, if not all of it, appears to be inspired by a loss of personal and collective self esteem which has propelled people to do the strangest of things with the hope of socially purifying our history as a nation. This irrational driving force that is behind this recent effort to defeat the south once again – is, mildly put, simply insane. If we lose any part of our national history, we lose every part of our national identity. What else can one say? People throughout the generations have attempted to create chaos, when none is needed, or welcomed – and this latest attempt to distort the facts and demonize a crucial part of our history and the ethnic makeup of the people who were, are and remain faithful to that history is nothing short of vigilanty fear mongering and hate. The growing divisiveness that exists in this country today is beginning to smell like the sulphur stench commonly associated with hell and Satan. And, in reality it should, as this reprehensible and evil behavior is a creation of our own making. If we are willing to part company with southern history….then by God, be prepared when these very same people attack and seek to socially cleanse the history of the North and the contributions of Washington and Jefferson and a few dozens of other men whose personal lives don’t quite satisfy the litmus test of the anti-American revisionists of our day.

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