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Food, Inc. Breaking Down the Pastoral Fantasy

July 8, 2015

The Real Food Channel


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If you are what you eat (and you are), doesn’t it make sense to know where your food comes from?

Ironically, it’s been easier to get information about the dangers of nuclear waste that it’s been to penetrate the “iron curtain” of America’s food industry. Know the truth about what you’re eating and where your food comes from.

Thanks to films like this the wall of secrecy is coming down.

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  1. July 8, 2015 5:27 pm

    The Pastoral Fantasy, and the traditions it developed, has been the real soul of America as it was created. The FOUR FREEDOMS were the only demand and will to support them. The greatest change came when large number of immigrant came to the USA for political reason with value and traditions of their own. The Four Freedoms this country offered was not based on POWER as other countries had. In the USA the four freedoms, with equal justice for all, was the only base on which the people stood and demanded. Replace that with POWER and it is no longer a basic principle but becomes depended on the pressure that power could exert on it.
    Well, ruminate on that and you will get new picture of how we got were we are. Start with the immigration purpose of the new comers and their values. Not PASTORAL but money and power. To often an opportunity here to achieve what they could not in their place of origin, somehow forgetting in their place of origin their value led to tyranny.
    I do not particularly like Trump, the man, but in it present statement he is right and one must be grateful that, for whatever reason he will open that skeleton door for ll to see
    who is really leading us to the gates of hell. Perhaps the result of the attacks on Him will awaken fundamental reasons and lead him to embrace his issues he exposes on their basic sordid causes.

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