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California should pay all the healthcare costs of Mexican citizens, because it is the right thing to do (SATIRE)

June 18, 2015


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In recent days, the California Senate, long dominated by the party of the extreme Left (like the rest of California government) voted to send more taxpayer money down yet another rabbit hole because they seem incapable of not throwing good money after bad.

Not satisfied with ruining the state’s finances by paying out overly generous public pensions, the state Senate voted earlier this month to begin paying healthcare costs for illegal immigrants, even though the state already has a massively expensive healthcare tab it has difficulty funding.

Anything “for the children,” apparently. Even children who came into the U.S. purposefully and illegally. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

‘The time has come for us to bankrupt our state’

As Breitbart News reported:

Senate Bill 4, known as the Health for All Act, passed in California’s Senate on Tuesday, 28-11, taking illegal immigrants residing in the Golden State one step closer to attaining health insurance coverage.

If SB 4 passes the next two stages in its quest for approval, it would allow for illegal aliens in California to purchase health insurance through Covered California, pending a federal waiver; allow for illegal alien children aged 19 and under to enroll in Medi-Cal, the state’s insurance program for the poor; and allow for a limited number of adults aged 19 and over to enroll in the Medi-Cal program as state funding is made available. …

SB 4 is estimated to cost taxpayers anywhere between $170 to $740 million annually–a figure Gov. Brown reportedlysuggests [sic] might be too expensive for his taste.

“The time has come for us to lead,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), who introduced the legislation. “We are talking about our friends, we are talking about our neighbors and our families who are denied basic health care in the richest state of this union… Ensuring that every child in California grows up healthy and with an opportunity to thrive and succeed is simply the right thing to do.”

Well, sure. Why not? And while they’re at it, perhaps the California Senate can pass additional legislation outlawing private ownership of money while simultaneously passing a bill that makes it illegal to not provide every possible service, good, food item and quality-of-life provision for illegal aliens.

Because for breaking our laws, they deserve to be taken care of. Isn’t that right?

Economist Milton Friedman once poignantly observed that a country cannot have open borders and be a welfare state simultaneously, but every day, California lawmakers work to prove him wrong. You can have both – that is, as long as there are like-minded simpletons who are willing to shed their hard-earned spoils for the “noble” cause of assisting the hapless, yet honorable, illegal alien.

The new righteousness: Poverty is good”

The next thing you know, these upstart illegal immigrants will begin to demand “living wages” – maybe $15 an hour for flipping hamburgers. Oh, wait

Speaking of economists, it is plain that the California Senate has few of them. Anyone who has taken Economics 101 and was not taught at the liberal fantasy school of economics by “Professor” Paul Krugman (who believes that California is “in quite good fiscal shape”), understands that in order for such schemes to work, income has to equal or surpass outflow. When it’s take, take, take without bothering to produce, well, then, you get Detroit. Who knows? Maybe Krugman secretly likes Detroit.

Here’s an idea: If California is to subsidize illegal aliens from Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala and all points south, why not pay for the healthcare of citizens in those countries who don’t break our immigration laws? After all, aren’t they our “friends” too? Wouldn’t that be the “right thing to do”?

California may be enjoying a brief respite from bankruptcy for the time being because of massive new tax hikes on the wealthy, but the respite won’t last, especially when its state lawmakers are incapable of keeping their hands out of the treasury.

But hey, in the meantime, they can “feel good” about “doing the right thing,” even if it means impoverishing more of their citizens in the process.


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  1. SimplyFred permalink
    June 18, 2015 9:01 am

    One out of every three puerto ricans lives on our food stamps. Over 100 hospitals on the border with mexico have gone bankrupt! Why? Every time a drunken mexican goes into a coma following a car accident in mexico. His amigos drop him off at an American hospital emergency room. It is against the law (our law!) to refuse health care to anyone or any thing that shows up at the door to an emergency room!

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