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SPLC Accuses Oath Keepers of Inciting “Armed Confrontation” Over Sugar Pine Mine

April 24, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson


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The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused Oath Keepers of inciting an armed confrontation with BLM authorities over the Sugar Pine Mine dispute in Oregon, despite the fact that the organization has explicitly stated that it is not promoting armed confrontation with the feds.

In an article provocatively posted on the organization’s ‘Hatewatch’ section entitled Oath Keepers Descend Upon Oregon with Dreams of Armed Confrontation over Mining Dispute, the SPLC contradicts its own headline within the first three paragraphs.

Far from dreaming of “armed confrontation,” Oath Keepers released a statement last week emphasizing, “This is NOT a standoff with BLM. We are NOT promoting any confrontation with BLM. This is a security operation for the protection of Constitutional Rights.”

At the request of the Sugar Pine Mining Claim owners, Oath Keepers are providing security around the location, primarily to keep away extremists or provocateurs who might try to initiate violence.

Indeed, the SPLC piece even goes on to contradict itself once again by quoting Joseph Rice, the security coordinator for the Josephine County chapter of the Oath Keepers, who stated, “If you are on a fringe element, and you’re here to protest, or provoke a reaction with the federal government, I don’t want you here. Let me repeat that: If you’re here to protest and to provoke a reaction with the federal government, I do not need you.”

The Sugar Pine Mine situation has drawn comparisons to the Bundy Ranch standoff, although the dispute has not escalated to the point where BLM agents are attempting to occupy contested property.

The SPLC piece goes on to blame “Alex Jones’ Infowars” for helping to circulate news about the issue.

The organization also appears to believe it is above copyright laws. In a video posted in the article, the SPLC plagiarizes huge chunks of video content owned by Infowars and the Next News Network. The clips are presented without comment and clearly do not represent fair use.

While posing as a guardian against “hate” and violence, the Southern Poverty Law Center itself promotes hate and violence.

The first person to be convicted under Washington DC’s 2002 anti-terrorism law was an SPLC supporter – 28-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins – who shot up the Family Research Council headquarters in 2012 after the group was listed an “anti-gay” group on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website.

Carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Corkins intended to storm the Washington headquarters of the Christian group, kill as many people as possible, and smear victims’ faces with the sandwiches in order to, “make a statement against the people who work in that building … and with their stance against gay rights and Chick-fil-A,” he admitted.

“In his plea agreement, Corkins acknowledged he identified the Council as “an anti-gay organization” by visiting Southern Poverty’s website,” reported the Associated Press.

Isn’t it ironic that the SPLC routinely smears patriot groups as violent on its website when one of its own supporters was inspired to commit an act of violent terror specifically because of content posted by the SPLC on its website?

A comment by an SPLC supporter that called for executing Alex Jones also remained on the organization’s site for over four months.

The SPLC has worked closely with Homeland Security to issue “threat projections” over the last decade which have demonized gun owners, constitutionalists and libertarians as terrorists, one of which, as an FOIA request revealed, was not based on any reliable supporting evidence whatsoever, but was merely the product of a DHS agent surfing around SPLC’s own website, as well as widely a debunked disinformation fringe blog, for a matter of hours.

A 2009 SPLC hit piece which erroneously connected Alex Jones to Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski was also littered with death threats made by SPLC sympathizers towards Jones.

“The SPLC, the well-heeled propaganda machine that smears conservatives for cash, is an integral part of the ongoing Leftist effort to demonize and destroy legitimate conservative voices,” writes Robert Spencer, adding, “The SPLC turns a blind eye to the real hate that comes from the Left and Islamic supremacists, and offers with its hate group listings not only an incitement to violence, but a handy tool that lazy Leftist mainstream media journalists use to try to intimidate people away from supporting our message of human rights.”

Supported by wealthy donors such as George Soros, the SPLC makes vast amounts of money by conflating genuine extremist groups with conservative organizations in order to smear any influential political outfit that does not espouse the SPLC’s brand of leftist dogma.

“It is so fabulously wealthy that it stashes money in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, two of those tax haven countries the Left keeps complaining about. In addition to those foreign accounts, in its most recent publicly available tax return the SPLC discloses an absolutely astounding $238.1 million in net assets,” writes Matthew Vadum.

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