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Former Cop Congressman Threatens To Beat Up Lawful Amnesty Protester

April 22, 2015

Steve Watson


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Question: What is worse than a thug cop threatening to beat up a lawful protester?

Answer: A thug cop turned Congressman threatening to beat up a protester.

It’s the worst of both worlds.

This is what happened when Republican congressman, Steve Knight, also a former LAPD cop, was captured on video last week threatening a lawful citizen who called him out for voting for a pro-amnesty bill.

“You told me you didn’t vote for amnesty, and you did. I looked it up on the Internet. You lied to me,” the protester said to Knight, as he shook his hand and patted him on the shoulder.

A clearly enraged Knight then responded by threatening the man.

“Mike, Mike, hey- if you touch me again, I’ll drop your ass.” Knight is heard saying to the protester.

Knight then attempted to talk his way out of the situation by claiming that a re-drafted version of the legislation had prompted him to change his mind.

Knight strongly campaigned against amnesty, pledging to make all sorts of moves to prevent such legislation from clearing Congress. His about-face has left many feeling betrayed.

The legislation in question is H.R. 240, a DHS appropriations bill. The protesters note that the congressman voted in favor of the bill, which contained a section outlining amnesty for immigrants.

As the Washington Post notes, the legislation would “in its initial iteration, have revoked President Obama’s executive orders on immigration as part of approving funding for the Department of Homeland Security”

The problem lies with the fact that Knight claims the Senate “stripped out the amnesty” from the DHS funding bill, at which point he voted for it.

But, as the protesters note, what the Senate really “stripped out” was not “the amnesty,” rather it stripped out defunding of “the amnesty.” The end bill DID provide funding for President Obama’s executive actions.

So the protesters are correct. Knight technically voted for “the amnesty.” Which means he is either very confused about what he voted for, or is lying about what he voted for.

Either way, does it justify this elected representative threatening to “drop” an American exercising his Constitutional rights in public?

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