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US citizens forced to wait months for DMV appointments as illegal aliens get priority

March 9, 2015


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We’ve all been there — stuck in that slow trickle of a queue at the Department of Motor Vehicles, patiently waiting to see the next disgruntled government worker who will begrudgingly hand us that registration tag. Well, if you live in California, the misery that involves any visit to the DMV just got a whole lot worse thanks to a recently passed law allowing illegal aliens to apply for drivers’ licenses.

According to reports, California DMV offices are so overloaded with all the new applicants taking advantage of the program that citizens and legal residents are having to wait up to three months to get an appointment, or else show up and wait four hours or more in the DMV lobby. A DMV spokesman told KCAL9 that many Californians are having to take an entire day off work just to get that much-coveted 15-minute appointment.

“Yesterday, I was here for four hours standing outside, and when I got to the front line they said that they were not taking us in no more,” stated Jose Quiroz, who ended up having to spend two days waiting patiently with his family just to have his license renewed. “And now I am back here again, because I am here to fix my license, and I have been here five or six hours.”

The California DMV says it’s trying to work through the new changes, which are flooding the system with untold millions of illegal immigrants who aren’t even living legally in the state. But the situation is still a nightmare for people living in California legally, some of whom are now experiencing extreme difficulties with even making an appointment at the DMV several months before their licenses expire.

One driver reportedly received a letter from the DMV on January 6 of this year advising him to renew his license in person at a DMV office before March 8, when it’s set to expire. But when he went online to make an appointment, he was unable to find any available openings at any DMV offices within 50 miles of his house prior to the deadline.

KCAL9 conducted its own small investigation and confirmed this to be true — eight different DMV offices in the Southern California area had no appointments available until March 11, three days after the man’s license expires. And in eight other local DMV offices, there are no available appointments until some time in April, long after the license’s expiration.

“I’m a disabled vet, and we had to wait in the military but not as long as you have to wait to get a driver’s license,” stated Brenda Plantt, another victim of California’s illegal alien licensing program, to KCAL9 after attempting to drop in and renew her license in person, to no avail.

Providing social services to illegal immigrants will eventually collapse the system

This is the unfortunate consequence of allowing people who shouldn’t even be in our country in the first place to not only stay but also take advantage of social services that legal citizens fund with their tax dollars for their own benefit. As nice as it would be to provide everyone with free drivers’ licenses, free food, free healthcare and free housing, none of these things are actually free — somebody is paying for it!

In this case, California taxpayers are paying for illegal immigrants to clog an already overburdened and inefficient DMV system with requests for licenses, registration tags and other benefits that, from a legal standpoint, should only be going to citizens and legal residents.


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  1. March 9, 2015 1:15 pm

    Why are citizen putting up with this! Bad enough we no longer are equal under the law. Citizens are now 2nd class to all others. This will come to more strife!

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