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Will Obama be blamed if reality TV star’s murderer is a DREAMer?

March 4, 2015

Nicole Haas


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ObamaAssaultWeaponSenator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, is demanding answers as to whether the suspected murderer of three people, including a reality TV star, was allowed to stay in the U.S. under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, a known gang member, was arrested for the murder of Mirjana Puhar, 19, and two other people in Charlotte North Carolina.

Grassley said he has a source that claims Rangel-Hernandez was allowed to stay in the U.S. under President Obama’s DACA program. This would make Rangel-Hernandez a so-called DREAMer and the case is re-igniting concerns over the controversial program.

Grassley sent a letter to authorities at the Department of Homeland Security demanding answers about the immigration status of Rangel-Hernandez.

Grassely is still awaiting a response.

In the meantime, Judge Napolitano sat down with Megyn Kelly on the “Kelly File” to talk about the constitutional consequences of the case.

The DREAMer program (named after the failed immigration reform bill titled “Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors”) was imposed by executive fiat via the president and was not legislated by Congress – a fact that doesn’t sit well with Judge Napolitano.

Kelly wanted to know how much officials knew about Rangel-Hernandez’s criminal activities and if the president would be held accountable if he was indeed allowed to stay under the DACA program.

“Even under the president’s DREAMer program, if you are in a gang, if you’re a known gang member, you don’t qualify [for the program],” Kelly said.

“If he was in a known gang and was allowed to stay here under deferred action, then the administration screwed up,” she said.

Napolitano agreed but wasn’t going to let Congress get off that easy.

“When the president writes the laws and the Congress does nothing about it, and the whole government apparatus follows the president’s newly-written law the way he wants it to be, Congress is as much to blame as the president,” he said.

“We should not accept this sitting down.”

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  1. March 5, 2015 1:41 am

    Fully agree we should use that case. Obama was pressured in those decision am sure if we give a way out he will appreciate it. But also stop electing those ….who push our elected official with threats. Like the gang that wrote the plan. Try another approach. Don’t attack just ask an audience and calmly ask if he realize why we are against it. Keep in mind some Republicans like the money they get so they let Obama do the bad decisions for them.

  2. March 4, 2015 11:53 am

    We live in a nation that is evidently ok with having corrupt politicians as our leaders. Damn our sovereignty! Damn our Constitution! Damn our Bill of Rights!! Damn our Rule of Law!! Today’s motto is that we MUST be “warm and fuzzy.” We MUST have everyone like us! We MUST not offend those who have invaded our nation! We MUST never….God forbid…..insist that the current laws on the books be followed by those charged with their enforcement. PC is the expression of the day. Well folks, this is pure nonsense. If we can’t provide the kind of security and enforcement required under the laws of this nation as provided for by the Constitution, then we have become what our Founders feared we would become – a lawless nation….a democracy ruled by a mob mentality that allows anything and everything to co-exist as equal partners in societal madness. For sure, WE THE PEOPLE have been derelict in our duty to ensure that our Republic thrives under the Constitution that provides for three equal branches of government, the first of which is the legislative branch – aka – the people’s house. When there is no balance, as is the situation today….a constitutional crisis exists and a cause to take remedial action is required. Where, in today’s case, the Executive Branch is hell bent on redefining presidential authority via unilateral changes in existing laws, the nation suffers. Senator Grassley is more than correct for showing concern for Obama’s constant executive overreach, relative to immigration policy and to the more recent overreach by the IRS to grant back refunds to illegal aliens who performed taxable work illegally. such actions undermine the trust of law abiding Americans and sends the wrong message to illegal’s present in the USA and to those who aspire to become illegal aliens in the future. The madness is in the actions taken by this Administration, as well as that which is ignored by a majority Republican Congress. Where it will end is everyone’s guess, but, it must end soon, or, the totality of this lawlessness will end this Republic, once and for all.

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