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California DMV orders workers to overlook identity theft by illegal immigrants

March 4, 2015


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Map-Los-Angeles-San-Diego-CaliforniaAs someone who was born and raised in Texas, has lived in southern California and traveled extensively in Mexico, I have developed what I consider to be a nuanced view on immigration. I speak a fair amount of Spanish and have a respect for the mostly hard-working, honest people who have come to the United States — illegally or not — simply seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

My attitude could hardly be considered “anti-immigration,” but I have mixed feelings about the current amnesty program — not because I am opposed to some form of amnesty legislation, but because I believe that the Obama Administration has handled the issue badly.

I also strongly believe that immigrants (illegal or not) should be required to obey the same laws and regulations that American citizens are expected to adhere to.

Sadly, and infuriatingly to many American citizens, the reality is that illegal immigrants have been given rights and privileges that ordinary people don’t have, and in some cases they are free to commit crimes that they will never be punished for, but which would land you or myself in jail.

A recent Breitbart article has uncovered the fact that California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employees (as of January 1, 2015) have been instructed to overlook previous instances of illegal immigrants committing identity theft to obtain driver licenses.

According to the article, Breitbart obtained an internal policy memo from a source within the DMV that “informs DMV investigative officers that past identity theft is acceptable when the illegally-acquired IDs were only used to obtain a driver license, and where the license or ID was not used to commit any other crime.”

As the article points out, it remains unclear how the DMV will be able to determine whether or not the licenses or IDs were used to commit other crimes, but one thing is clear — that any normal citizen would face felony charges for the same behavior. It appears to be left up to the applicant to voluntarily reveal whether the falsely obtained license or ID was used for any other purpose other than driving a vehicle or identifying themselves to an authority.

The article further notes:

The new DMV policy may be an attempt to protect illegal aliens from prosecution and conviction for a felony that could lead to their deportation, and disqualify them from President Barack Obama’s new “executive amnesty policy.

The source was quoted as saying: “My belief is that this policy came from the governor’s office,” adding that any other normal American citizen would not be afforded the same exemption and would be prosecuted for having committing a crime.

In my estimation, it is impossible to defend such a policy, no matter how well-intentioned it may be. It’s no wonder that so many Americans are skeptical about Obama’s immigration policies.

These types of exemptions for those who have entered the country illegally are a slap in the face to hard-working, tax-paying American citizens, who can hardly be blamed for opposing the recent changes in immigration law, which have been enacted unilaterally by the Obama Administration under an executive memorandum.

As I mentioned, I personally am an advocate for the rights of immigrants, legal or not, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of ordinary law-abiding American citizens.

It sometimes seems as if illegal immigrants are given blanket immunity to commit crimes, while the rest of us are subject to ever-more-encroaching laws, such as those which forbid the collecting of rainwater, unplugging from the power grid, refusing to let our children be injected with unsafe vaccines and so on.

Let’s be assured that the laws regulating our lives are fair and applied equally across the board. Is that too much to ask?


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  1. March 4, 2015 11:38 am

    Daniel wants to have his cake and eat it too. What part of illegal would any thoughtful and law abiding American….NOT….understand? The very fact that someone enters our nation – ILLEGALLY – is cause for concern. His/her presence is a direct threat to the health and well being of our nation and its people. To accept that being illegal is the same as being legal, so long as it doesn’t “infringe” on the rights of any citizens….is a bogus position to take. Any act that violates our Rule of law, no matter who does the act, is an affront to every American. It matters not the least who the act was committed by, but rather that the illegal act was committed. Once completed….the adverse impact of the act remains and must be answered for at some costs to the American people. Every crime in our Republic adversely affects the Republic and thus its citizens. to ignore the consequences of these illegal acts is to erase the basic protections afforded to every person here. Simply put, there is a steep price to ignoring illegal immigration, as the first illegal act of an immigrant leads to the next one’s that are sure to follow, simply due to the fact that he/she is not a legal citizen of the country and every attempt to “provide for his/her family to make a better life” more often than not requires another illegal act to be committed. In order to achieve any semblance of “looking” like they are LEGAL residents of this nation, illegal aliens will have committed upwards of 26 illegal crimes, mostly involving fraud and identity theft in order to obtain work or public assistance. The very fact that they have children on US soil as fast as is possible (usually within weeks or days) is a clear demonstration that they know how to subvert the laws of the USA by assuming that they claim their child to be a US citizen, even though such a claim has never been validated by any Federal or State Laws, or by any Court decision at the Federal Level. such a claim is merely the monkey work of idle hands within the Administration and the Congress, wherein lies the problems that we are currently facing today. Illegal is illegal, no matter the criminal act being committed and no matter who is doing the crime. Let’s get it right – 100% of the time!! The Constitution, in order to be worth its weight in gold, must be at all times, the law of the land – for all of us and for those who come here to bask in its promises of freedom, liberty and hope for all who seek a better life for themselves and a better future for their posterity. If anyone attempts to “jimmy” the system, freedom, liberty and hope suffer and the American Dream because nothing more than a myth that benefits no one. Daniel needs to get on board in defense of the USA – 100%. A tepid approach that he appears to have taken turns our constitutional Republic into nothing more than a democracy which always ends up in MOB Rule. for an example today….look to Europe, or to South of our Southern Border. Nothing more need be said.

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