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Jobs for Jihadists

February 21, 2015

Judi McLeod 


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Marxists and radical Muslims go together like camels and deserts.  They’re now the nightmarish frick and frack of the 21st century.

With the shock of YouTubes still going the rounds showing the ISIS beheading of 21 Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya, Barack Obama is taking the Muslim Brotherhood under his protective wing; these poor wretches only need to be given jobs and be shown tolerance by citizens who just don’t understand their righteous grievances.

While the Mediterranean Sea runs red with the blood of Coptic Christians, in Libya for jobs in the first place,  Obama’s crying the terrorists a proverbial river.

Obama tried to lay it on the leaders of some 60 countries at his Washington summit that job creation is really all that’s needed to stop the wholesale slaughter of Christians, Jews and other Muslims by Islamist terrorists he has taken upon himself to shield as “extremists”.

‘#jobsforjihadists’ will likely be his wife Michelle’s next hash tag any day now on Twitter.

“Obama, addressing the Washington audience on the second day of the summit, said the international community needs to address “grievances” that terrorists exploit, including economic and political issues. (FoxNews, Feb. 19, 2015)

On home turf, Obama sees all dissenters, most especially Tea Party members, as extremists.  He advocates no jobs for them.

How long must these poor darlings be made to suffer!

“He stressed that poverty alone doesn’t cause terrorism, but “resentments fester” and extremism grows when millions of people are impoverished.”

Me thinks that Obama is following the post-9/11 lead of former lib-left Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the present-day watered-down version sometimes repeated by his wannabe successor Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

“Jean Chrétien has linked the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to perceived Western greed and arrogance and said the United States should not use its position as the world’s only superpower to humiliate people in poorer nations. (National Post)

“In an interview that aired last night on CBC-TV, the Prime Minister for the first time suggested the strikes against New York and Washington stemmed from a growing international anger at the way the United States flexes its muscle around the globe.

“You cannot exercise your powers to the point of humiliation for the others. That is what the Western world—not only the Americans, the Western world—has to realize. Because they are human beings too. There are long-term consequences,” Mr. Chrétien said in the pre-taped interview.

“And I do think that the Western world is getting too rich in relation to the poor world and necessarily will be looked upon as being arrogant and self-satisfied, greedy and with no limits. The 11th of September is an occasion for me to realize it even more.”

Back in the days when Obama was still a hardly-ever-there junior senator, he bought into the blame America theory hook, line and sinker.

Problem is Obama doesn’t read history, because if he did, he wouldn’t term the Crusades as one-sided and the fault only of Christians.

“It is instructive to remember that Obama’s response to Sep. 11, 2001 was to cast the attacks as “a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others,” an absence that “grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.” Not a mass murder motivated by a specific religious ideology. Not an act of war requiring more than “dismantling” the groups who did it.” (Breitbart, Feb. 18, 2015)

That was Obama then.  This is Obama now.

“We do have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit including economic grievances,” he said. (FoxNews, Feb. 19, 2015)

“He also said no single religion was responsible for violence and terrorism, adding he wants to lift up the voice of tolerance in the United States and beyond.”

If the voice of tolerance coming out of the U.S. and beyond, gets any more pronounced, they may as well raise the white flag of surrender to rampaging ISIS and other Islamic terrorists.

Leave it to a highly embittered Marxist ideologue to think jobs would pacify the Islamic terrorists of ISIS, now documented as the richest terrorists of all time.

“ISILISIS is not only the richest organisation in the recent history of terrorist movements, but also a successful financial enterprise which it manages in the similar way to the mafia organisations. It is engaged in smuggling, extortion, robbery, kidnapping and selling women into slavery. (New Eastern Outlook)

“Then what are the sources of ISIS’s riches, which that now are estimated at $2 billion  – There are several of them. First and foremost, this is oil smuggling from oil fields which are situated on its territories in Syria and Iraq. According to the Iraqi Energy Institute, the army of radical Islamists controlarmy of radical “Islamists controls the extraction of 30 30,000 barrels of oil a day in Iraq and 50,000 in Syria. For comparison, in August 2014 Iraq exported 2.4 million barrels of oil a day. Illegal sale of oil on the black market brings the organisation $2-4 million on a daily basis , or about $100 million per month. The oil is transported by roads to the border with Turkey and then is sold at dumping prices – $25 per barrel in the volume of 99,000 barrels a day. Among the buyers are the middlemen from Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan and even Iran.

“Oil smuggling is nothing new in this region. The process was set up back in the times of Saddam Hussein, and ISILISIS now actively uses the smuggling network established in these places.
“Robbery is a constant source of money for the terrorists. When ISIS appropriated the monetary assets of the Central Bank in Mosul, it immediately became richer by $429 million. To the stability of money inflow contribute is maintained by such means as systemic extortion of money from small businessmen and big companies, for example, construction ones, and even from the representatives of the local administration. ISIS also imposed taxes on non-Muslims who live on its territory, and after ISIL declared declaring caliphate, it introduced customs duty on transportation in the western part of Iraq.

“According to the Iraqi intelligence agencies, kidnapping for financial gains brought $25 million to the treasury of ISIS. Despite the denial from the French side, there is information, according to which in April 2014 ISIS was paid a ransom of $18 million for 4 kidnapped Frenchmen. The plundering and smuggling of antiques have given the terrorist $38 million. ISIS also got large quantities of weapons and military vehicles which the US has “left” to the Iraqi military.

“Money and material values earned illegally enable ISIS to conduct a full-scale terrorist activity, hold under its control the population of the captured territories, to attract numerous adherents of the idea of creating of a caliphate, 15,000 people from 90 countries of the world fight on its side, and this is without the inclusion of those who support the organisation in the field at the local level. One of the leaders of Indonesian jihadists, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, has made it clear that he expects to have a share of the ISIS’s riches in order to strengthen its position in the country. That is why the expenses of the richest terrorist organisation in the world are comparable to its income.

“ISIS’s army is, largely, a group of mercenaries who monthly receive a fee in the amount of $600, it can be increased in proportion to the number of family members of a fighter (they often come with families from other regions of the world). The financial support does not stop even in case of the fighter’s death. Money is also spent on the purchase of high-quality weapons, health services to militants, the maintenance of safe houses, as well as on the management of the territory, water and electricity supply and, finally, the maintenance of the road infrastructure.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, who understand all too well how Taqiyya permits, and even encourages Muslims to lie to non-Muslims, or “infidels”,  must be laughing as they tool around Iraqi towns in their 43 Toyota Hiluxes trucks, courtesy of the United States.

“ISIS, the worst band of psychopathic terrorists that has hit the world stage recently, has acquired the convenience of 43 Toyota Hiluxes trucks, courtesy of the United States. (JewNews, Aug, 28, 2014)

“The Toyota Hiluxes were on the ‘moderate’ Syrian terrorist wish list, so Obama obliged their wishes and sent them a few. Of course, the ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel terrorists, as Obama calls them, turn into ISIS terrorists once they cross the border. So…ISIS grabbed the trucks, of course, and perhaps made a small Thank You Party for Obama before taking them them across the border”.

Being barbarian billionaires, ISIS terrorists have all the money they need, including enough to indulge in Viagra and kinky underwear.  Only they piously call it “strange underwear”.

“Obama acknowledged that some Muslim-Americans have concerns about working with the government, particularly law enforcement, and that their reluctance “is rooted in the objection to certain practices where Muslim-Americans feel they’ve been unfairly targeted.” (FoxNews, Feb. 19, 2015)

“He said it was important to make sure that abuses stop and are not repeated and that “we do not stigmatize entire communities.” He also said it was vital that “no one is profiled or put under a cloud of suspicion simply because of their faith.”

For “infidels” having one’s eyes gouged out, being beheaded, crucified, bunt alive and buried alive, raped and sold into slavery,  simply because of their faith is a lot more deadly than having a “cloud of suspicion simply because of their faith”.

Meanwhile, the world can see straight through this particular Uncle Sugar’s Taqiyya.

Obama bases his latest jobs for jihadists plan on jobs being a practical solution for easing extremism.

On home turf, Obama sees all dissenters, most especially Tea Party members, as extremists.

He advocates no jobs for them.

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