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Establishment Republicans Really Want To Keep Boehner

January 13, 2015

Al Benson Jr.


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There is supposedly a big fuss going on now in Congress as to who the next speaker of the House is going to be. Lots of truly conservative Republicans, some in Congress and many not, are really tired of the lackluster leadership John Boehner has given the House since 2010. Boehner has made a career of talking tough to Comrade Obama and then, when something comes to a vote, caving in and giving our current Commissar (president) just about everything he wanted. So Boehner’s tough talk is really nothing more than a charade to fool people into thinking he will oppose Obama when what he’s really there for is to lead the House into caving in to Obama’s agenda while making it appear that he’s not doing that.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves. Having the Republicans in control of Congress means absolutely nothing. The conservative rhetoric gets all toned up in order to hide the socialist votes that will come down the pike once Obama passes along his marching orders to his loyal “opposition” in Congress.

The Republican establishment (no different than the Democratic establishment) wants it that way and so you can look for them to try to quell the opposition to Boehner when it comes time to vote for the next House speaker. They want Boehner to continue as speaker because they realize he will play the game and go along with Obama’s socialist agenda–and that’s really what they want–because Obama’s socialist agenda is almost identical to their socialist agenda. The history of the Republican Party definitely displays that real conservatism is the absolute last thing they want and they have become quite adept at making it look like that’s what they want when many of them are little more than closet socialists.

If the opposition to Boehner becomes so strong that they are forced to yield and come up with another nominee then you can bet it will be another establishment toady that will do what they want. They are not about to let a genuine conservative capture the speaker’s chair and work to move a conservative agenda along. The Republican establishment does not want that and they will try to move Heaven and earth to avoid it.

Remember, the same people (CFR/Trilateral Commission) control both parties and so you end up with their agenda either way. The last thing the Republican establishment wants is any real resurgence of genuine patriotism or conservatism. They didn’t want that in 1856 or 1860 and they don’t want it now. To learn some of the leftist history of the Republican Party, get the book Lincoln’s Marxists which is available on

Update as of 1/6/15
The Republican Party has continued its long trend of seeking to curry favor on the left, a position it is really comfortable with, at least at the leadership levels. The vote to either re-install or de-instal John Boehner as Speaker of the House for another term was taken today and Obama’s favorite member of the loyal “opposition” John Boehner was re-installed as House Speaker by a vote of 216 to–whatever it was. A couple of principled opponents ran against him but it was a foregone conclusion that Boehner was a shoo-in, as most of the RINOs present voted for him, with only a mere handful having the intestinal fortitude to vote for someone else.

So we can again look forward to “Cave-in-Johnny” talking a good fight against Obama’s agenda while looking for ways to cave in to it without seeming to do so. How little really changes in Sodom on the Potomac. It would be downright discouraging if we couldn’t hold onto the truth that the Lord surely is in control of it all and that He will not permit those people in Washington to do anymore than His agenda for them allows.  A good prayer for those people would be: Lord, please restrain the evil they try to do and make them to realize that they are and always will be accountable to You for what they do, and may this knowledge hinder their efforts at harm for this people.

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