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New York abandons Ebola quarantine after pressure from Obama; politics now driving all medical decisions

October 27, 2014
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The first sensible idea we’ve seen yet on halting the spread of Ebola in America has just been shut down for political reasons. The State of New York has now reversed its mandatory Ebola quarantine rule under pressure from the CDC and White House which both seem fervently determined to see Ebola spread across the United States.

“After relentless opposition from the medical community and the Obama administration, New York is loosening its quarantine rules,” reported at 9:30pm Eastern. [1]

“The New York Times reports Governor Andrew Cuomo said anyone quarantined who does not show symptoms of the disease would be allowed to stay at home. They would also be paid for lost wages.”

Opposition to the quarantine was staged by the CDC

This took place less than 48 hours after a CDC-connected operative with a dual background of nurse and public relations specialist was planted in a New Jersey quarantine facility so that she could take to the air in a widely-publicized complaint claiming the 21-day quarantine was violating her civil rights. Natural News has now confirmed the mainstream media largely failed to mention the nurse’s ties to the CDC and additional efforts were made over the weekend to scrub the nurse’s page which previously disclosed those ties. (The truth is now being memory-holed…)

Using tactics like the nurse quarantine theatrics, the CDC, NIH and White House have waged a relentless public relations production in an attempt to absurdly claim that quarantines, flight restrictions and border security are useless tools in the fight against Ebola. The level of deception and balls-to-the-wall lie-making has reached an astonishing new low in all this, as anyone with any education in virology and epidemiology knows that quarantines, isolation and border security are in fact the only things that really work to halt exploding pandemics from invading new areas.

Nigeria’s success in staving off the Ebola pandemic has relied almost entirely on the very same strategies that the CDC, NIH and White House are now telling us don’t work at all. This dubious medical quackery is being shoved down the throats of the American people via a full court press of liberal media outlets which obediently align themselves with any agenda the White House pushes… even if that agenda endangers millions of Americans in the process.

The effort to spread Ebola in America is clearly deliberate

What we are witnessing unfold here is a Theater of the Absurd. Just because a lie is repeated over and over again by politically-motivated organizations doesn’t make it the truth. The real medical truth in this matter is that the very best strategies for protecting America from Ebola must be founded in the principle of isolating infected Ebola carriers from the population at large. That principle can only be achieved through a combination of border security, travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines for high-risk potential Ebola carriers.

It is truly amazing just how quickly the CDC, NIH and mainstream media will abandon all principles of scientific integrity when there’s a political agenda to protect. Before this Ebola pandemic emerged, if I had stated as the editor of Natural News that “quarantines don’t work to halt the spread of a viral pandemic,” media outlets would have loudly condemned me as a quack. But when those very same media outlets utter this sheer nonsense and back it with the highly-sanitized, homogenized, partially-hydrogenated political speech of Frieden (CDC) and Fauci (NIH), nobody questions it except a few courageous independent voices like Michael Savage.

Remember, these are all the same institutions that insist unvaccinated children should be sent home from public schools so that they are isolated (quarantined) away from other children. How is it that the principle of medical isolation is routinely invoked to promote vaccination policies for schoolchildren, but when it comes to an extremely fatal infection like Ebola, suddenly the concept of isolation is completely dismissed as useless?

If children who carry the measles are a risk to other schoolchildren, then clearly adults who carry Ebola are a risk to the public at large. You can’t legitimately argue that isolation works for measles and mumps but not for Ebola.

What does all this mean for you and I?

The bottom line that you seriously need to take away from all this is that crucial medical decisions in this outbreak are now being dictated entirely by politics.

The dismantling of state-run medical quarantines now substantially increases the risk of Ebola spreading uncontrolled across large U.S. cities like New York City. It also demands that we all ask the obvious question: Is Obama intentionally trying to see America destroyed by a runaway viral pandemic? What other motivation could possibly explain the recent actions of his administration?

The responsibility for every Ebola death that takes place in the United States from here forward must now lie on President Obama, the CDC and the NIH, all of which have actively conspired to dismantle America’s defenses against a deadly viral pandemic. This is an unprecedented betrayal of the American people and it shows a deliberate pre-meditated disregard for the safety and security of this nation.

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