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Hillary: ‘Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’

October 25, 2014
Daniel Nussbaum
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Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”

“Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

“You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” she continued. “That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

“You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic,’” Clinton said, which elicited loud laughs from the crowd.

[ACGR’s notes: The only arithmetic he may have brought was “Common Core Math” !!!]

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  1. Pazuzu permalink
    October 25, 2014 8:03 am

    Mrs. Clinton’s remarks were imbecilic and ignorant…or just out-and-out lies to deceive those who don’t know any better.

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