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CNN: NYC Doctor Did Not Self-Quarantine, Bowling Alley Not Notified

October 24, 2014
Daniel Nussbaum
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Thursday evening on CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett,” Burnett reported that the New York City doctor who is reportedly showing symptoms of Ebola after having recently travelled to West Africa did not self-quarantine himself after becoming ill.

“Investigators are taking the case extremely seriously,” Burnett said. “It appears the doctor, identified as Craig Spencer, did not quarantine himself when he returned to the United States.”

“Just last night he was in public, according to an official, after feeling sluggish for a few days,” she continued. “He took a cab, an Uber cab, and he went to a bowling alley in the New York metro area. “

Burnett also noted that the bowling alley that Spencer visited Wednesday night had not been notified of the situation.

“We were saying that he went to a bowling alley, we called the bowling alleys in Brooklyn and one of them, who’s now not answering their phone, had said that they didn’t know anything about this, they sort of found out about the story from us, and this is just to point out that even in a place like New York , which has been drilling for this, which is supposedly prepared for this, which is not getting the benefit of Dallas, you still can have problems.”

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  1. October 24, 2014 9:01 am

    How much more evidence do you need to believe obama and his “so-called-policies” are to blame for this. PERIOD

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