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EXCLUSIVE: Thousands from Ebola Nations Allowed to Enter US Without Additional Screening

October 4, 2014
Brandon Darby
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Over 3,500 passengers from Ebola affected nations have been allowed to enter the U.S. without any special screening since January 1, 2014, according to a leaked internal intelligence report from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Intelligence and Liaison exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. In addition, the individuals entered into at least 18 heavily populated U.S. cities across the nation.

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The leaked report specifically reads, “According to CBP [Customs and Border Protection] data, since January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014, a total of 3,566 passengers with a nexus to Guinea transited through or arrived at U.S. airports.” The term “nexus” refers to passengers who flew from the Ebola stricken nation to a second nation, and then from the second nation into the United States. Guinea is attributed as the nation of origin for the current Ebola outbreak.

The lack of any special processes or testing for individuals with a nexus to Ebola affected nations is illumined in the leaked internal report as well. It reads, “The Level 3 travel alert issued by the CDC on July 31st remains in effect as of August 13, 2014. The travel alert urges all US residents to avoid nonessential travel to Guinea. Although CBP is not doing any additional screening of passengers from the affected countries, CBP has enhanced their screening routine processes through guidance and training. Additionally, CDC is providing assistance with exit screening and communication efforts in West Africa to prevent sick travelers from boarding planes.”

The report indicates that the vast majority of the 3,566 of passengers with a nexus to the nation of origin for the current Ebola outbreak either deplaned in or traveled through New York City. Other cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburg, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, and Cleveland.

The U.S. federal agent who leaked the report to Breitbart Texas did so and spoke on the condition of anonymity. The agent said, “This internal report, coupled with the current Ebola case in Dallas, reveals that our government is not only allowing individuals from Ebola-stricken nations to enter the U.S. with only the basic screening they give to passengers from any foreign nation, but the claims of the issue being properly addressed in the West African countries are untrue.”

“The CBP is taking no action to screen individuals entering the U.S. from Ebola-stricken nations. We are doing nothing. All we are doing is asking authorities in nations with Ebola to stick a thermometer in the mouths of people boarding planes. That does nothing to keep Americans safe from Ebola,” the agent said.

The leaked report is provided in its unaltered state for our readers. There are nine pages in total and no redactions have been made. The report is labeled “UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY//LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE” and contains a warning stating that the document is not to be made available to the media, the general public, or nonsecure internet servers. It further states that some of this information may not be available through the Freedom of Information Act.

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