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Obama’s Number One Muslim Brotherhood Advisor Resigns To Set Up State Operation

September 9, 2014
Rick Wells
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The black four finger-raised hand is a sign that became synonymous with support of the now deposed Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. That government was installed in large part through the efforts of the Obama regime and its operatives and was strongly supported by them right up until the Egyptian people, through their military, were able to regain control of their country.

Key among those orchestrating things from the United States was Mohamed Elibiary, a known Muslim Brotherhood member and supporter. The background of interwoven terrorist connections between various Islamic front groups makes Elibiary’s position as a Senior Advisor with the Department of Homeland Security almost unbelievable.

In a typical pro-American administration it would not be possible, but this is the Obama regime. That makes things different. In this current regime Islamic extremists are well represented and connected at the highest levels.

Elibiary is no longer working for the Department of Homeland Security. He announced last week that he is resigning his position in pursuit of reforming the Republican Party in advance of the 2016 election. In the truest Trojan horse tradition, Elibiary is a Republican, and a longtime Texas Republican Party official.

The Clarion Project reports that Elibiary considers himself to be a conservative and that it is his intention to “help the party’s electoral prospects by moving its foreign policy in a pro-Islamist direction.”

Maybe his definition of conservatism is a little different from the typical Texan, who may be quite content with the overall direction their politics as it is.

The politics of this is the most transparent thing to come out of the Obama regime in it’s almost six years of existence.


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